Over the course of the season you will notice that the swimming world has its own “slang”. Some of the most common words can be found below with a brief explanation as to what they mean.

FREE “Front Crawl” or Freestyle which is usually swam on the front. It is generally the fastest stroke.

BACK “Back Crawl” or Backstroke which is always swam on the back.

BREAST Breaststroke

FLY Butterfly

IM Individual Medley, each of the four strokes swam in a specific order.  (Fly, Back, Breast, Free)

IM RELAY Four Swimmers swim one of the four strokes in a specific order. (Back, Breast, Fly, Free)

SCRATCH A swimmer that was entered in an event and is a “no show”.

DECK ENTRY A swimmer that is entered into an event the day of the meet.

DOUBLE END Swimmers enter the water alternating from both ends of the pool.

HEATS Swimmers are put into heats according to the times entered in the meet.

D.Q. A swimmer is disqualified from an event due to a swimming error.

SC Short Course meets held in 25 m pools.

LC Long Course meets held in 50 m pools

B or A Time standards set by Swim Alberta.

OFFICIALS Volunteers used to run a swim meet, usually wearing navy tops with white bottoms.

FALSE START A swimmer leaves the block or wall before the sound of the starter.

PRELIMS Every swimmer entered in an event competes.

FINALS The top fastest swimmers race again (Can be “A”, “B” or “C” finals depending on the meet)