What We Do
Champion Boosters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association whose purpose is to raise funds to support the Champion Gymnastics Team and promote gymnastics on a state, regional, and national level.  While we work in collaboration with All About Kids, we are not part of All About Kids and operate solely through our parent volunteers. 
All competition season fees for gymnasts who compete for Champion Gymnastics are paid by Champion Boosters Inc. No meet fees or other expenses related to the competition season are paid by All About Kids.  Therefore, any gymnast competing for Champion Gymnastics must also be a member of the booster club.  As a non-profit, it is important that all Champion gymnasts are given equal opportunities as well as equal responsibilities. Membership in the booster club gives all of our gymnasts an equal opportunity for success, as well as an equal shared responsibility for the success of the booster club and the team as a whole.

A Helpful Guide of what Booster Club covers vs. what you pay All About Kids:

Booster Club

All About Kids

All meet registration fees
(both individual and team)

Monthly tuition

Coaches travel expenses, per diem for meets and session fees

All apparel (competition leotards, practice leotards, warm-ups, backpacks, t-shirts)

Judges for practice meets
and Judge feedback sessions at practices

Summer Camp

Education, conferences,
and USAG fees for coaches

All Team Clinics

End of season banquet, team awards and individual trophies for gymnasts


Optional camps and Optional clinics


Gifts for all gymnasts at State Meet


And more!



If you have questions about Booster Club Membership please contact us…we are certainly here to help!

Christian Lauria, VP-Membership: text at 502-314-9255

Joanie Hendricks, President:  [email protected] or text at 502-439-3065