Personal responsibility is necessary with an organization this size in order not to increase the burden on our volunteers. All positions in the Booster Club are done on a voluntary basis. In order for you to receive your active member benefits, you must fulfill all of your membership requirements.
How do you determine membership level?
Each family owes fees to the club to pay for their gymnast’s meet fees, coaching costs and other benefits. In order to assure a committed effort from every member, it is important the Booster Club families clearly understand the following definitions of membership:
Active Members – All Members from the current fiscal year who have paid their fees (past years due and current) in a timely manner, fulfilled their volunteer responsibility, worked the required amount of sessions for the in-house meets and the Derby Classic, and fundraised and/or made the financial equivalent donation are considered Active Members. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in loss of Active Member status, and being classified as an Inactive Member.
Inactive Members – Inactive Members will be documented and reported to All About Kids, Inc. as an “Inactive Member” of Champion Boosters, Inc., which will result in breach of contract with All About Kids, Inc. for failure to comply with their rules and regulations. Inactive Members will be subject to additional fines and/or termination of activities as determined by All About Kids, Inc. If active status is not
reinstated two weeks prior to Champion Boosters Derby Classic meet, we will withhold your child from competition.
I have a second child starting gymnastics, are they automatically considered an active  member?
Each gymnast will need their own membership.  All membership obligations are the same, with the exception of reduced volunteer credits for addtional gymnasts. As stated in the Agreement, the family will be responsible to fundraise an additional $1,050.00 for each gymnast, work two extra volunteer credits for each additional gymnast, and each additional gymnast will have the same USAG Membership fees, and Booster registration minimum as the first gymnast.
What are my membership responsibilities?
As stated in the Agreement, membership responsibilities include fulfilling a $1,050.00 fundraising minimum (per gymnast) and 5 credit volunteer requirement (+2 for multi-gymnast).  Volunteer credits can be fulfilled by: work in-house meet sessions, work sessions for the Derby Classic (minimum 4), if we host additional meets, work the required number of sessions, and/or serve on a committee.
What are the benefits of the Champion Booster Club?
Membership greatly reduces your out of pocket expenses. We take care of all meet fees, payment of coaches travel expenses and session fees, clinics for the optional gymnasts, coaches training and certifications, annual banquet for gymnasts and coaches, and miscellaneous
operating expenses.
What happens if I join later in the fiscal year?
If you join prior to the midpoint of the competition season (February 1st) your obligation would be the same as if you joined June 1st. If you join after the midpoint date, your obligation may be reduced to a prorated amount (at the discretion of the board). Any redution will be based upon the meets your athlete is expected to attend, the anticipated costs to boosters for your athlete's participation, and any costs associated with late entry fees to a meet that may be assessed by the host gym. If the gymnast joins after all meets are completed for their level, but prior to the end of the Champion Boosters fiscal year, you incur no financial obligation.
Why can’t I use my fundraised money this year?
The Booster Club fiscal year begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st of each year. Contributions are due for the current year beginning on June 1st for all members to cover the season's gymnast expenses. Fundraised and Derby Classic monies are applied to the next year’s budget. Extra fundraising in one season does not reduce your fundraising obligation for future seasons.
Why is there fundraising a requirement?
Champion Booster Club would like to see our individual out of pocket expenses reduced to ZERO. This can only be accomplished with 100% effort from each of the gymnast families. Again, the fundraising number is the minimum requirement; we encourage our members to continue to fundraise even after that goal has been met. We understand that the efforts of each family will vary depending on several factors.
When are the in house meets and how do I sign up to work?
There are several opportunities for you to fulfill this requirement throughout the year. Please check the team calendar for exact dates of the meets. Check the meet schedule as soon as it is posted, usually a couple of weeks before the meet. We will also send out reminders. A sign up platform on the Champion Boosters website is used for you to sign up for the meets, and will be made available a few weeks prior to the meets. Sessions usually last about four hours, so please plan accordingly. Please note that in order for you to get credit for working a session, you MUST make sure that you sign in for that session. This is necessary when dealing with a group this large.
How do I make sure that I get credit for the work that I have done?
Please make sure that you sign in to work each one of your sessions for the meets that you work. When serving on a committee, make sure that you keep track of your participation.
Can my child work the sessions so that I get credit?
No. Due to liability issues, ALL session obligations must be completed by an adult. This must not be assumed and no credit will be issued for the session. You will then be counted for a missed session.
I signed up for a committee but no one has contacted me. What do I do?
It is your responsibility to make sure that you sign up for a committee and that your committee work gets done. It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to contact you, but they should not have to ask repeatedly for your cooperation. The chair will also be required to sign off that
you actually completed your committee obligations. The Booster Club will then use that sheet as verification that you completed your requirement. In the event that no one has contacted you, please notify the President or the Vice-President to confirm the Committee to which you have been assigned and the responsibilities for the committee.
What if I do not see a Committee that I like?
Committee participation is no longer required of all members, so you do not need to sign up for a committee if you do not see one that interests you. The Booster Club has some committees that are ongoing, and some that will meet to take care of one task, for example Derby Classic or
the banquet. If you have any questions about a specific committee and its requirements, please see a member of the executive board. Also, if you have any special talents that you feel could contribute to the club, please let your level rep or a member of the Booster Club Executive
board know.
What if I am late with a payment?
As stated in the Membership Agreement, it is the responsibility of the Member to notify the President of the Board of Directors in writing concerning your inability to pay the requirements of Membership within 10 days from the day a written notice is given by the Treasurer/Bookkeeper for non-payment of accounts billed. A request for extended time of any payment or service required by the Agreement will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and a written decision should be rendered by the board on request.
Where should I leave my payment if nobody is there to accept it?
Any payments/correspondence to the Booster Club should be placed in the first black mailbox next to the Booster Club Office in the Cheer Hall. Please indicate in the memo field of the check what the payment is intended to cover (e.g. fees, scrips, USAG fees, etc.).
What if I have a check returned?
All returned checks plus bank fees must be taken care of within 10 days. Your account must be current to remain an active member. If the Booster Club is charged fees for your returned check, you are also responsible for paying those fees.
My gymnast has decided to retire, what do I need to do?
You should also notify your coach immediately. It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the President of the Board of Directors in writing that you are retiring from the program. This will allow us to scratch them from any upcoming meets, if possible, and avoid using booster resources for athletes who do not plan to complete.
If my child retires, how do I get my money back?
Champion Boosters, Inc is a 501-3c non-profit organization. As stated in the Membership Agreement, the Champion Boosters, Inc. cannot refund money that has been paid to boosters. Payments or fundraising made to the booster club are non-refundable. Meet fees are paid well in advance of competition season.  It is recommended that you pay your fees when they are due, as overpayments cannot be returned. Also, if you have a question about a statement that you receive, inquire immediately so that the issue can be promptly addressed.
Why do I have to volunteer at the Derby Classic?
Your participation in the Derby Classic Meet is mandatory for the success of our program. As a member you must work the required number of credits for this meet. This is our major fundraiser every year and the profits help to reduce the group’s financial responsibilities. Families who fail to work their required credits will be asked to donate $150.00 per session not worked, as stipulated in the Membership Agreement which is signed and executed at the beginning of each fiscal year.
What if I don’t sign the membership agreement form?
The Membership Agreement must be signed in order to achieve “Active Member Status” with Champion Boosters, Inc. Members that fail to comply shall be considered “inactive”. Inactive Members will be documented and reported to All About Kids, Inc. as an “Inactive Member” of Champion Boosters, Inc., which will result in a breach of contract with All About Kids, Inc. for failure to comply with their rules and regulations. Inactive Members will be subject to additional fines and/or termination of activities as determined by All About Kids, Inc.
What if I get a notice saying that I owe money but I thought that I paid all of the fees or met my fundraising requirement?
If you receive notice that you believe is in error, please check with the person that sent the notice. The booster club is comprised of volunteers and sometimes mistakes are made. All money that comes into the booster club is carefully noted to your account. For inquires notify the Treasurer or the Bookkeeper so that the issue can be researched. If you have not met your fundraising goal of $1,050.00, you will receive a statement showing that balance. As part of your membership requirement you must take care of that balance as well before active member status will be granted for the following fiscal year.
I wasn’t aware of my responsibilities to the Booster Club so why am I held accountable?
All membership requirements are clearly explained at our annual meetings, stated in this handbook, and addressed in the Membership Agreement that you signed to become a member of the Champion Boosters, Inc. Any member of the Champion Boosters Executive Board will be happy to explain membership requirements to you if you have any questions. It is your responsibility to make sure that you fulfill all necessary requirements for membership.
I have some receipts to turn in for approved expenses, what do I do with them?
Please complete the Expense Rembursement Form and place it in the black mailbox next to the Booster Club Office in the Cheer Hall. If you need approval, please see a member of the board.
Why do I receive so many e-mails from the Booster Club?
The Booster Club cannot express enough how important communication is for a group our size. Please make sure that you check your e-mail for upcoming notices and reminders. If you are having issues with your e-mail, please let your level rep know as soon as possible.
Personal responsibility is necessary with an organization this size in order not to increase the burden on our volunteers. All positions in the Booster Club are done on a voluntary basis. In order for you to receive your active member benefit, you must meet your membership requirement.