Who We Are
The primary function of the Booster Club is to promote amateur gymnastics and the teams of  Champion Gymnastics on a local, regional and national basis. We achieve this in many ways  especially by helping to provide assistance with the financial responsibilities associated with the  sport at the competitive level.
As you may already be aware, gymnastics is a demanding sport. It requires up to 25 hours a  week of dedicated training by our gymnasts. It is essential that aside from the obvious financial  benefits realized by being an active member of the Booster Club, we do all we can as parents to  assist and support our sons/daughters and their coaches as they become more proficient at the  sport. At Champion Gymnastics, TEAMWORK is stressed, and the Booster Club is a vital member  of that team. The success our teams enjoy is a direct result of the complete efforts of the
coaches, gymnasts, AND their parents.
When travel is required for our gymnasts to compete, the parents are responsible for the  coaches travel expenses, session fees, and meal stipends. We are fortunate enough to have  some of the best coaches in Region 5. Currently they are compensated at a rate commensurate  with their performance. Therefore, our coaches receive session fees that are among the highest  in the area.
Through its efforts, the Booster Club has created the means for this club to have a successful  gymnastics team by offsetting many of these costs. Whether your child is an entry level or an  accomplished gymnast, the Booster Club will continue to enable Champion Gymnastics to  provide every gymnast the best possible instruction, training equipment, and gymnastics  experience.