Volunteer Obligation

Volunteer Chair: Heather Damhoff

As part of membership in the booster club, each family is required to complete 5 volunteer credits throughout the membership year (+2 credits for multiple gymnast families).

  • Credits can be completed by working on a committee and/or volunteering at in-house meets and the Derby Classic meet
  • Single Gymnast Family Requirements
    • ​1 in-house volunteer session at Champion Challenge OR Super Bowl Challenge
    • 4 volunteer sessions at Derby Classic 
  • Multiple Gymnast Family Requirements
    • 2 in-house volunteer sessions at Champion Challenge OR Super Bowl Challenge 
    • 5 volunteer sessions at Derby Classic 
  • Credit values may vary, with some committee or session roles earning multiple credits to better reflect the time commitment of a committee role and/or difficulty of the meet session worked (example: working heavy duty teardown at Deby Classic will be worth more credits).

It is not required that volunteer credits be earned by the gymnast's parent/guardian. Anyone over 18 can fulfill the credits on your behalf.  Many families enlist relatives, friends, or coworkers to help earn their credits! 

Note: The fundraising obligation is set each June as we start our fiscal year. There is no way to know in advance how big meets will be and how many sessions boosters will need to cover.  It is also possible that Champion may host post-season meets for the state or region.  In the event that less volunteer credits are needed for the year, the number of required credits may be reduced.  This would happen prior to Derby Classic.


How do you meet your Volunteer Obligation?

Volunteer Credits can be earned in a variety of ways throughout the year.  

Committee Work
A variety of committee options will be available for signup in June or July of each new year.  Committee roles vary in committment and credits earned will reflect the time committment of each respective role. It is critical to the success of the booster club that those signing up for a committee perform their responsibilities as agreed.  Committee members are expected to attend meetings as designated by their committee chair. If a member signs up for a committtee role and fails to fulfill their obligations, credits will not be awarded.  

Working In-House Meet Sessions
All About Kids hosts two meets each season.  As part of each of our obligations as members of Champion Gymnastics, we work these in-house meets to support our gym. The Champion Challenge meet is held mid-November. The Super Bowl Challeng meet is held late January. Families are asked to work at least one session at one of these two meets.  

While Champion Boosters does not run or host either of these events, in support of our partnership with All About Kids and the Champion Gymnastics program, Champion Boosters provides volunteer support to these meets.  These are smaller meets with far fewer sessions available to work than will be available at Derby Classic. Because of this not every family will be able to claim a spot at every in house meet. Champion Challenge, the first meet of our season, typically sees it's sessions claimed VERY quickly.  Do not be discouraged, there will be plenty of opportunities at the other meets to earn your credits.

Working Derby Classic Meet Sessions
Derby Classic is Champion Boosters' sponsored meet and is our largest fundraiser of the year!  Because of this, the success of Derby Classic is critical to our success.  With gymnasts attending from around the country and registration of well over 1000 athletes each year, we need all hands on deck to make the experience a positive one for all of our guests.  We are all representatives for Champion Gymnastics and when we all put in our best efforts to make the meet a success they will keep coming back!  

If you sign up to work a session it is very important that you show up to work the session. No-shows create a huge problem, put an unnecessary burden on other parents, and threaten the overall success of our meet. Communication is key! Reach out to the Volunteer Chair as soon as you know you will not be able to fulfill your commitment.


Talk to us!

If you have a family conflict that will limit your availability to work one or more of the meets and/or you are otherwise concerned about your ability to meet your volunteer obligation, reach out to the Volunteer Chair. We are happy to work with you to find opportunities to meet your obligation.



Recognizing that not everyone has time to work sessions and some families would rather 'buy out' that time commitment, boosters introduced the "Sub Hub" for Derby Classic 2022.  This allows another family to work those sessions for you. In return, you make a donation to boosters of $125 per credit worked that will be applied to the fundraising requirement of the family working your session.  Since this is less than the $150 per credit donation requested for failing to work volunteer credits, it's a WIN-WIN!  Information regarding the availability of "Sub Hub" sessions will be released leading up to Derby Classic if sessions will be available.  For questions regarding "Sub Hub" reach out to the Fundraising Chair.