FAQs About Volunteering


When are the in house meets and how do I sign up to work?
There are several opportunities for you to fulfill this requirement throughout the year. Please check the team calendar for exact dates of the meets. Check the meet schedule as soon as it is posted, usually a couple of weeks before the meet. We will also send out reminders. A sign up platform on the Champion Boosters website is used for you to sign up for the meets, and will be made available a few weeks prior to the meets. Sessions usually last about four hours, so please plan accordingly. Please note that in order for you to get credit for working a session, you MUST make sure that you sign in for that session. This is necessary when dealing with a group this large.
Why do I have to volunteer at the Derby Classic?
Your participation in the Derby Classic Meet is mandatory for the success of our program. As a member you must work the required number of sessions for this meet. This is our major fundraiser every year and the profits help to reduce the group’s financial responsibilities. Families who fail to work their required sessions will be asked to donate $150.00 per session not worked as stipulated in the Membership Agreement which is signed and executed at the beginning of each fiscal year.
How do I make sure that I get credit for the work that I have done?
Please make sure that you sign in to work each one of your sessions for the meets that you work. When serving on a committee, make sure that you keep track of your participation.
Can my child work the sessions so that I get credit?
No. Due to liability issues, ALL session obligations must be completed by an adult. This must not be assumed and no credit will be issued for the session. You will then be counted for a missed session.