Fundraising Report (as of 6/1/2023)

Champion Boosters Fundraising

VP/Fundraising: Christy Barajas 

Competition season expenses for Champion gymnasts are paid by Champion Boosters, Inc., not by All About Kids.  This includes meet fees, coach session fees, coach travel expenses, coach training, judges for practice meets and feedback sessions throughout the year, banquet, etc.  Because of this, each gymnast and their family are expected to fundraise to support payment of these expenses. 

The annual minimum fundraising requirement for the 23-24 season is a minimum of $1050 per gymnast, $450 is due by time of registration, with the balance of $600 due by November 1st.  Families who elect not to participate in our many fundraising opportunities to meet that minimum, may also submit funds to boosters directly.  The minimum fundraising requirement is split into three installments to allow families to work towards meeting their goal throughout the season.  

Total Fundraising Requirements - $1050 per gymnast

  • $450 mimimum contribution by time of registration in late June/early July (per gymnast)
  • $600 fundraising balance due by November 1st
  • Autopay options are avalalble on the GoMotion site for those choosing not to fundraise their minimum


Champion Boosters conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year to provide funds to apply to the above expenses. If we, as a group, take advantage of our fundraising capabilities, it is realistic to believe that we can eventually reduce the personal financial responsibilities of active members to $0.00.


Year Round Fundraising Opportunities

Seasonal Fundraising Opportunities (subject to change)

  • Mums (August - delivers in September)
  • Flip-A-Thon *National Gymnastics Day* (September) 
  • CoZzzy Comfy Sheets (September)
  • Fall Candle Fundraiser - Fall Scents (October)
  • Poinsettias (November - delivers in December)
  • Digital Dozens - Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • Leotard Consignment (March - at Derby Classic Meet)
  • Spring Flowers - Baskets & Pots (March/April)
  • Spring/Summer Candle Fundraiser (May/June)

**Fundraising earned after December 1st will roll over to the upcoming NEW season if the current season requirement has already been met.**