Why a Booster Club?
The primary function of the Booster Club is to promote amateur gymnastics and the teams of  Champion Gymnastics on a local, regional and national basis. We achieve this in many ways  especially by helping to provide assistance with the financial responsibilities associated with the   sport at the competitive level. This includes but is not limited to: gymnast’s meet fees, coach USAG  membership dues, coach travel and session expenses, coach’training clinics and certification,  hosting social activities for the gymnasts and their families,  awards at season’s end, and hosting meets.
Gymnastics is an expensive sport, and membership in the Booster Club saves our members hundreds of dollars per year in expenses.  The Booster Club conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year to provide funds  to apply to the above expenses.  If we, as a group, take advantage of our fundraising capabilities, it is realistic to believe that we can eventually reduce the personal financial  responsibilities of active members to ZERO.