For all our newbies or veterans who haven’t jumped on board with SCRIPS yet - this is the absolute easiest way to fundraise! 

"I was so intimidated by this two years ago and could kick myself for not using it to cover ALL of my booster fundraising! It's so easy!"

Here is a great video tutorial to learn how to use Scrips. 

Our Enrollment Code is: 93C44E1B8132

You can access SCRIPS online at www.raiseright.com and download the RaiseRight app for easy use on the go! 

The app looks like this ---> 


SCRIPS is easy money!


  • If you’re in the drive thru, buy a gift card after they give you your total and the e-card will be ready by the time you are at the window to pay! 
  • If you’re about to buy a big appliance for your home or have any work done, grab a Home Depot or Lowes card.
  • Buy a gas station card and earn some money back 
  • Booking hotels for the summer or meet season? What about flights? There’s a SCRIP for for that
  • Buy Lands End, Pottery Barn, and Old Navy cards when you buy kids’ uniform shirts and backpacks
  • Buy Shutterfly cards for photo books, Christmas cards, or teacher gifts (they have a great return)
  • Bath and Body Works offers up to 19% return sometimes! Grab them while they’re high and get some gifts for unexpected occassions.
  • Watch for bonuses to earn even more!