Officials N3 Incentive Program

Approved SI BOD 1/28/2020 with a spending goal of $2000 for the initial year 

The goal of the Officials N3 Incentive Program is to help defray the costs for certified SI officials
attending national level meets to obtain N3 certification and re-certifications. The expectation from
the Official’s Chair is that this incentive program will encourage officials aiming to successfully
advance in positions at the national level and therefore improve SI officiating.

Qualified Meets: 

  • Meets that will be considered for reimbursement are outlined in Section 13.1 of SI policies and procedures (specifically this is National Events, Olympic Trials, World Championship Trials, CA/NV Sectionals, U.S. Open and U.S. Open Water Nationals, Senior Zones, Futures meet, and Disability Nationals). 

N3 Incentive Program Specifications: 

  • The N3 Incentive Program reimbursements amounts will be set to match the SI swimmer meet reimbursement amounts set by the SI Board of Directors.
  • An individual SI official is limited to the one (1) N3 incentive program reimbursement for attending an SI qualified OQM USA swimming national level meet per fiscal year.
  • An annual budget for officials shall be established each year by the Board of Directors, based upon the recommendation of the Officials’ Chair.
  • When all available funds are exhausted, no further funds will be distributed.
  • Allowed covered expenses may include air transportation, hotel accommodation, or personal vehicle mileage (to be paid at the IRS rate for charitable organizations)
  • Assignment as a lead official whose accommodation and travel expenses are covered by USA swimming (i.e., Meet Referee, Head Administrative Referee, Head Starter, or Team Lead Chief Judge) renders the official ineligible for this incentive program.
  • Officials receiving money from any other source for attending the same meet are also not eligible.


  • Individuals requesting N3 incentive program assistance must be accepted for a position (Stroke & Turn, Chief Judge, Starter, Deck Referee, or Administrative Referee) to b evaluated for initial (N3i) or final (N3f) or recertification for a USA Swimming N3 certification.
  • The official must be registered with USA Swimming through SI for at least 12 months prior to the meet and be an SI official during the time of the meet for which they are requesting assistance.
  • The official must have worked a minimum of 16 sessions in at least 8 sanctioned SI meets during the 12 months immediately preceding the request for reimbursement. One of the SDI 8 sanctioned meets must be a B Max meet (C / Silver Meet).


  • First Priority – First-time attendees to an SI approved OQM qualified national championship meet for any official that is seeking an N3 initial, final, or recertification.
  • Second Priority – Non first-time attendees to an SI approved OQM qualified national championship meet for any official that is seeking an N3 final or recertification