SI Goverance

SI Bylaws - Last Modified 11/26/23

Bylaws are the primary governance document for the LSC.  They define the organization, it’s membership and the rights of the members within the organization.  Bylaws are voted on by the membership and can be changed by a 2/3 majority of the membership present at a LSC House of Delegates meeting.  They can also be changed by vote of the USA Swimming House of Delegates at its annual convention

SI Policies and Procedures - Last Modified 11/26/23

The Policies and Procedures Manual is published by San Diego-Imperial Swimming for the purpose of defining the day to day operations and governance of the LSC.  Modifications to this document may be made by the SIS Board of Directors or the SIS House of Delegates.

SI Quad Financial Plan

SI Investment Policy

SI BOD/HOD Minutes


      2023 January Minutes                            2022 November Minutes            2021 November Minutes             2020 November Minutes

      2023 March Minutes                               2022 November HOD Minutes   2021 November HOD Minutes    2020 September Minutes

      2023 May Minutes                                  2022 September Minutes           2021 September Minutes            2020 July Minutes                                

         2023 August Minutes                              2022 July Minutes                      2021 July Minutes                        2020 May Minutes                            

      2023 September Minutes           

      2023 November HOD Minutes                 2022 May Minutes                      2021 May Minutes                       2020 January Minutes

     2023 November (Dec3) minutes               2022 March Minutes                   2021 March Minutes

                                                                     2022 January Minutes                2021 January Minutes(a)

                                                                                                                        2021 January Minutes(b)




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