Officials Uniform

SDI Officials uniform is white collared shirt, blue bottoms, and white shoes.

Even though all officials are volunteers, we are trying to provide a professional atmosphere for the swimmers.  Each swimmer has worked hard to compete at the meets.  We would like to show them the courtesy of dressing in an appropriate manner.  Just like other sports, the official at each meet is part of a team, so we should dress like a team.  In San Diego Imperial, our uniform is navy bottom and a white top.  The bottom can be pants, a skirt/skort, or shorts.  Please no denim.  The top should be a collared, white polo shirt.  The LSC has very nice, subsidized shirts for sale for $10.  You are not required to wear this shirt, but it is quite a bargain for a high quality shirt.  Shoes should be white.  The amount of non-white on the shoe can be a factor at other LSC’s, but it is not a major concern for us.

All of the pools in our LSC are outdoors.  That means we are subject to everything that Mother Nature has to throw at us.  The only weather that stops a swim meet is lightning.  High winds and rain do not stop a swim meet.  As such, officials may wear whatever is required to stay comfortable during the meet.

San Diego Imperial Swimming subsidizes much of the  official's clothing.  Here is the current price list (September 2023)

  • White Short Sleeve Polo – $10
  • White Long Sleve Polo – $15
  • White or Navy Baseball Cap -  $7
  • White or Navy Running Cap - $7
  • Navy Floppy Cap – $10
  • Navy Fleece Vests – $20
  • White 1/4 Zip Pullover - $20
  • Navy Rain Jacket - $40 (with name embroidered- $50)

The LSC will occasionally special order rain jackets

Since we no longer have a physical office, you can request clothing to be delivered to an upcoming meet by filling out this form: Officials Order Form

If we don’t have your size in stock, your request will help us with our re-ordering of clothing.


Once you become certified as an official, San Diego Imperial will provide you with a customized nametag.  Please contact the officials chair if you have not received yours.

Our nametag provider can be found here.