Board of Directors

San Diego – Imperial Swimming Board of Directors

Position Name Term ( / 2nd Term)
General Chair Dave Kilmer - CAST 2023-2025
Administrative Vice Chair Sammie Hail - UN Fill -in vacancy appointment. Ends Nov. '24
Finance Vice Chair

Maddie Mohr - CAST

Fill-in vacancy appointment. Ends Nov. '24

Secretary Joy Cabrera - PS 2023-2025
Treasurer John McGlynn - RAQ No Term Limit
Senior Vice Chair Paul Folts - SDSA 2023 - 2025
Age Group Vice Chair Sean Redmond - FAST

2022-2023 /  2023-2025

Technical Planning VIce Chair Paul Mazzarelle - RSD 2022-2023
Safe Sport Chair Briana Reynolds-HSA 2023 - 2025
Coach Representative Kevin Eslinger - SWMX 2023-2025
Diversity, Disability,  Equality, and Inclusion Chair Maria Davila - UN 2021-2022 2023-2024
Operational Risk Chair Carlos Davila -RSD 2023-2024
At-Large- Board Member Krissy Payton - TAQ 2023-2025
Sr Athlete Rep Kiran Jayasinghe- RAQ 2023-2024
Jr. Athlete Rep Isabella Dang - SOL 2023-2025
At Large Athlete Member Reid Krebs - WIND 2023-2025
At Large Athlete Member Catherine Rowe - PS 2023-2024

Committee Chairpersons

Mary Redmond

Records/Top 10 Chair
Dan Peck

Operational Risk Chair
Carlos Davila

Diversity/Equality/Inclusion Committee
Maria Davila (chair)
Mary Redmond
Juli Arzave (athlete)
Lauren Park (athlete)
Reid Krebs (athlete)
Aaron Dumas (athlete)
Simran Jayasinghe(athlete)
Revere Schmidt (athlete)

Officials Committee 
Bob Horne(2022) Chair

Program Committee
Paul Mazzarelle – RSD (Chair)
Voting Members
Cathy Elgas – MRA
Sammie Hail – SBA
Mary Redmond – FAST
Scott Lawson – ICAC
Tyler Thompson – SDSA
Simran Jayasinghe – RAQ(athlete)
Reid Krebs – WIND (athlete)
Krissy Payton – TAQ
SeanRedmond – FAST



Equipment Committee Chair
- vacant

Outreach Representative
Krissy Payton

Web Services
[email protected]

Championship Committee
Eric Hughes – SBA
Catherine Rowe - PS
Debbie Baldwin – FAST
John McGlynn – RAQ
Mary Redmond – FAST


Administrative Board of Review
Kevin Eslinger – HSA (2020)
Scott Lawson – ICAC (2020)
Alex Nguyen – HSA (2020)
Joy Cabrera – NSDY (2020)
Ava Burger – Athlete (RSD)

Nominating Committee
Alex Pletcher - SDSA-Athlete
Kevin Eslinger– SWMX
Kevin Chester– HSA
Sammie Hail– UN
Sean Redmond– FAST
Krissy Payton– TAQ
Ohj Nobles– BAY
Scott Lawson– ICAC
Isabella Dang– SOL - Athlete

Governance Committee
Dave Kilmer – CAST (chair)
Brad Copeland – MSD
Sally Taggart – UN
Izzy Cox - MRA (athlete)      Isabella Dang - SOL (athlete)

General Chair’s Committees

  • Budget Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Outreach Committee

Administrative Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Safe Sport Committee
  • Records Committee
  • Officials Committee
  • Equipment Committee
  • Operational Risk Committee

Age Group Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Zones Committee
  • Meets Committee
  • Adapted Swimming Committee
  • Camps Committee

Technical Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Program Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Time Standards Committee
  • Sanctions Committee

Senior Vice Chair’s Committees:

  • Championship Committee
  • National Travel Committee
  • Open Water Swimming Committee