Intermediate Splits

Requesting and Recording Relay Lead-Off Splits and Initial Distance Splits


Relay Lead-off Splits from SI Swimming Sanctioned Meets

Relay lead-off splits, when recorded by the automatic timing system, and swum in accordance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations will automatically be recorded in the SWIMS database.  No action is necessary by the coach or swimmer.

Initial Distance Splits

Splits from an initial distance of a longer event that is swum in accordance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations will only be recorded in the SWIMS database if requested by the coach (for swimmers attached to a team) or the swimmer (only for unattached swimmers).

Request at a meet:

  • It is preferable that the request be made prior to the event being swum (and is required for an initial distance split in backstroke) as this will allow the use of backup timers in case the time is not recorded by the automatic timing system.
  • An Official Split Request Form (see link) with the swimmer’s name, club, heat and lane as well as the distance for which the time is requested should be given to the Referee.
  • If watches are to be used for back-up, three additional timers are needed. The assigned lane timers may not act in that capacity.
  • If an initial distance split request is obtained for a backstroke event the Stroke & Turn official in whose jurisdiction the finish occurs must confirm that a legal backstroke finish was made at the finish of the split distance.
  • The official time from the timing console printout as well as the watch times will be written on the request form. If the back-up times are needed, watch-pad adjustments for the heat should be made in accordance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.
  • The official time will be entered into the meet database in a new event created by the Meet Secretary for this purpose.  For standardization, the event number will for such split requests will be 900 or greater.

Initial distance splits at 50 meters in a long course pool cannot be used unless far-end pads are being used as the primary timing system. If far-end pads are not being used, watch times are not acceptable for this purpose per USA Swimming rules.


Request after a meet:

Notify the SI SWIMS Officer of the request by email, including all the applicable information on the paper request form.  Initial distance splits for backstroke cannot be requested after the fact for backstroke as a legal finish cannot be confirmed.