Officials Radios

While working on the pool deck, officials communicate with radios.  Radios allow us to effficiently communicate all the way across the pool.  We are using standard Family Radio Service (FRS) radios.  These radios are readily available almost everywhere.  A headset is required to keep our communications discrete.  We also require using “Push To Talk” (PTT) buttons so that normal conversations are not transmitted over the radio.

While any FRS radio will work, a number of officials have chosen to use a particular radio that works well and is cheap.  They are sold in pairs, so sometimes officials will pair up with one another to share the cost.  Here is the link on amazon: Midland-LXT118.  The price seems to automatically flucuate, but typically it is less than $20 for a pair of radios.  The headsets are also available from amazon.  There are a variety of headset types available, depending on personal preference.  The headsets are also sold in pairs and are also around $20/pair, but the price also fluctuates.

In the ear headset: Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets

Over the ear headset: Midland AVPH5 Behind-the-Head Headsets

We usually use channel 14 for our communications.  For the Winter Age Group Championships, where we are essentially running two meets simultaneously, we use channel 8 for the alternate channel.