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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


Kentucky Swimming Coach of the Year and Age Group Coach of the Year Awards

2023 Lynette Hudnell - Kentucky Aquatics   2023 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2022 Kevin Ryan - Swimchester Sailfish   2022 Chris Fugmann - Highbridge Aquatics
2021 Kevin Ryan - Swimchester Sailfish   2021 Arthur Albiero - University of Louisville
2020 Mike Essig - Triton Swimming   2020 Chip Augustus - Cardinal Aquatics
2019 Chase Simmons - E'town Dolphins   2019 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2018 John Anderson - Commonwealth Swim Club   2018 Chip Augustus - Cardinal Aquatics
2017 Tony Carroll - Lakeside Seahawks   2017 Chris Lindauer - Cardinal Aquatics
2016 Cole Pleasants - Lexington Dolphins   2016 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2015 Lewis Minisay - Lake Cumberland Swim Team   2015 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2014 Jenna Eichhorn - Triton Swimming    2014 Mike DeBoor - LAK & Chris Lindauer - UofL
2013 Pedro Pereira - E'town Dolphins   2013 Dawn Cleary - Monroe County Aquatics
2012 Nate Knopf - Lakeside Seahawks   2012 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2011 Roger Kehrt - Bluegrass Marlins   2011 Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks
2010 Nate Knopf - LLakeside Seahawks   2010  Mike DeBoor - Lakeside Seahawks



·         Age Group Coach of the Year and Senior  Coach of the Year are nominated and voted upon at the Long Course Championships (reviseded HOD 9.9.2017)


  • Eligible coaches are those who have worked during the previous short course and long course season. 
  • Coaches must be members of USA SWIMMING and have passed their safety certification requirements.
  • Coach of the Year nominees must also meet the requirements listed under the ASCA Level 2 or above ranking systems for coaches.

Each Kentucky Swimming coach (in good standing) present at the meeting submits three names on paper for their choice as Coach of the Year.  The top three nominated people are then voted on.  The person receiving the most votes is then the Coach of the Year.