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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


Travel Fund Reimbursement Policy - Coaches must submit request

1. The purpose of Kentucky Swimming Travel Fund Reimbursement is to support Kentucky Swimming registered athletes participating in the following meets: Sectionals, Futures, Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals, US Open Championships, Olympic Trials and selected trials meets. 

2. The Kentucky Swimming Board of Directors shall budget an amount annually for Travel Fund Reimbursement and shall determine the amount to be allocated for each meet and the maximum amount each athlete is eligible to receive annually.

3. The Travel Fund Reimbursement Committee will be chaired by the Senior Vice-Chair and will consist of the Finance Chair, Athletes Representative and Coaches Representative.

4. The Travel Fund Reimbursement Committee is responsible for receiving application for travel fund reimbursement, determining eligibility and recommending disbursement of travel funds subject to approval of the Kentucky Swimming Board of Directors.

5. All disbursements will be paid to the swimmers' home Kentucky Swimming club.

Application Eligibility

1. Only clubs that apply for Travel Fund Reimbursement and have swimmers that participate in the designated meet(s) are eligible for Travel Fund Reimbursement.

2. In order to be eligible for Travel Fund Reimbursement, a swimmer MUST:

                    A.        Be a registered athlete of USA Swimming and Kentucky Swimming at the time of participation.

                    B.        Have competed in at least one Kentucky Swimming sanctioned meet in the calendar year for which they are applying for travel fund reimbursement unless they are prohibited from competing in a Kentucky Swimming sanctioned meet by the rules of another swimming governing body. (i.e. NCAA, high school, etc.) 

3. College athletes training with their school and registered with Kentucky Swimming are eligible for travel fund reimbursement if they were a Kentucky Swimming registered athlete for at least 4 seasons prior to their collegiate affiliation.

4. For Travel Fund Reimbursement, college athletes shall only be funded for US Nationals or Olympic Trials starting their first day upon enrollment through their eligibility.

5. Athletes shall be reimbursed one meet per long course and short course season and for the highest-level meet competed having no bearing on reimbursement value for that meet.

6. College athletes that are registered athletes with Kentucky Swimming but were not registered athletes with Kentucky Swimming for 4 seasons prior to their collegiate affiliation, are eligible for travel fund reimbursement as follows: 1st season – 25% of maximum funding
available; 2nd season – 50% of maximum funding available; 3rd season – 75% of maximum funding available; 4th season – 100% of maximum funding available. Season shall be defined as either the short course or long course seasons.

7. Athletes are not eligible for Travel Fund Reimbursement if they are eligible to receive funding from USA Swimming, another LSC and/or college/university.

8. Applications must be received by the Kentucky Swimming office within 30 days after the last day of participation in the meet for which the swimmer applies for reimbursement. Applications must include verification that the expenses were actually incurred. Reimbursement shall not exceed actual expense incurred.