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The education, instruction and training of individuals to develop
and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming.
To provide a safe and healthy environment, encompassing all backgrounds and abilities that create a tradition of excellence in the sport of swimming.


When starting a new club, you will work directly with the Kentucky Swimming main office. You can contact them by email or phone call.
[email protected]
(859) 539-9091

For a list of requirements, request information from KY Swimming at the email address above. You can also view information on the USA Swimming website. Click Here 

New Club Application Process & Enhancements

Application Process
As a reminder, all new club applications are now submitted online through individual member’s USA Swimming account. To continue filtering clubs through the LSC Registration Chairs as the first point of contact, interested club members will be directed to reach out to the LSC Registrar. This will allow the LSC to work with the individual regarding required memberships and walking the club through the new club application requirements.
Please feel free to refer to the Start a New Club webpage for more information and a copy of the checklist

If the Registrar has deemed the club ok to go through the application process, the registration chair should reach out to Hilary Perez ([email protected]) requesting that the application be made available. In this request, please provide the contact’s Full Name and Member ID. 

After the application has been submitted by the club, the LSC Registration Chair can view and download the application under Admin > Workflows. Once approved by the LSC Registrar, it will be sent to the queue of Hilary Perez and Team Services. Once approved at NHQ, this will trigger SWIMS to automatically create the club’s membership record and roles to the club’s listed staff members will auto-assign.  

 Notes to consider when working with the club:
  • Before an application can be released, the club leader applying to the club must be a current USA Swimming Member in Good Standing.
  • New Club requirements have remained the same during this transition.
  • Before an application can be submitted, all club staff and leaders must be current members in Good Standing. The application should not be approved if a member is not in Good Standing.
  • If a required staff role has been left blank, the application will be prevented from submitting.
  • If you have a club who is changing structure, please reach out directly to Hilary Perez to discuss the next steps. How the club should move forward will be determined case-by-case.
  • Clubs who are returning after a 1–2-year lapse in membership may simply renew their club’s membership. This can be done by assigning the individual the ‘Club Administrator’ staff role – please ensure this individual is a member in Good Standing prior to assigning the role. Clubs are required to abide by Bylaw 2.6.11.
  • Clubs who are returning after a 2+ year lapse in membership are required to go through the new club application process. Please reach out to Hilary Perez to discuss the next steps.

New Club Application Enhancement:
With the recent enhancements, all LSC Registration Chairs can now download a copy of their recently received new club applications! Click here for information on downloading new club applications.

Prior to approving, all LSCs should review the application to ensure that all requirements have been met. Please work with your clubs regarding any missing documents, memberships or required information. When you approve a new club application, the application will be removed from your workflows and sent to the workflows of Hilary Perez and Team Services, at USA Swimming. Once received there, the standard approval process will take place and the membership record will only be created upon approval by NHQ.  Click here for information on how to review and download a copy of your applications. 

*Note: When you do receive a club application, a message will appear in the ‘Messages’ section of your Member Dashboard. We recommend checking the queue at least once a day.