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USAS Insurance Certificate

Kentucky Swimming

USA Swimming is excited to announce the successful renewal of its General Liability and Excess Liability insurance policies for 2024 (1/1/2024-1/1/2025). We want to thank our partners at IOA, USA Swimming's insurance broker, for allowing us to renew our policy early and providing our membership ample time to obtain certificates of insurance ("Certificates") for their facilities.

Below you will find instructions for requesting Certificates:

  • Online Request – to request Certificates for up to 4 facilities, complete the form here
  • Email Request – IOA prefers the online form for individual facilities, but you can complete the form here and email your Certificate request to [email protected]
  • More than four facilities – If you need Certificates for more than four facilities, email your request to [email protected]. Your email must include your club's full name, city and state, the name of the facilities, their addresses, and an email contact for the facility. The facility details can be in spreadsheet format, including columns for facility name, address, and contact.

IOA will monitor and respond to requests between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (MT) Monday through Friday. The IOA Service Team will email your facility and club a completed certificate. This email will come from [email protected]There will be an influx of requests due to the renewal, so please allow 2-3 days to receive your Certificate.

As a reminder, below you will find the list of covered activities under USA Swimming’s General Liability and Excess Liability insurance:
The following are the covered activities with respect to USA Swimming, Inc. member clubs, group members, member coaches, and member officials (all if in good standing); volunteers and additional insured owner/lessors of premises, sponsors, and co-promotors:
  1. Swimming meets that have been issued a written Sanction (pursuant to USA Swimming Rule 202.4 and Rule 202.5) or Approval (pursuant to USA Swimming Rule 202.6).  Approved meets means a competition where an Approval is issued by USA Swimming, Inc., or one of the USA Swimming, Inc. Local Swimming Committees for swimming meets conducted in conformance with USA Swimming, Inc. technical rules in which members and non-members may compete, including foreign meets under the USA Swimming, Inc. open border policy. USA Swimming, Inc. member clubs that either host or participate in a swimming meet that has been issued a Sanction or Approval or participate in an open border competition will be considered an insured provided that all of its athletes competing and coaches on deck are members of USA Swimming, Inc. in good standing.
  2. Swimming practices, dry land training activities, camps, and learn to swim programs where all swimmers are members of USA Swimming, Inc. or U.S. Masters Swimming, Inc. and are conducted under direct and active supervision of a USA Swimming, Inc. member coach in good standing. Dry land training activities mean weight training, running, calisthenics, and exercise machine training, and any other training activities for which an insured has received approval from USA Swimming, Inc. or its authorized representative.
  3. USA Swimming, Inc. Swim-A Thons sponsored by or registered with USA Swimming, Inc.
  4. Social events and fund-raising activities that are events or activities for which an insured has received approval from USA Swimming, Inc. or its authorized representative.
  5. Swimming tryouts. Swimming Tryouts mean swimming practices where a swimmer(s) who is not and who has never been a member of USA Swimming, Inc. participates in swimming activities with a USA Swimming, Inc. member club for a period not to exceed thirty days from the first day of practice to determine the swimmer's interest in becoming a member of USA Swimming, Inc. Tryout swimmers may not participate in more than one tryout period within the same twelve month span.
  6. Safety Training for Swim Coaches, CPR, and Lifeguard Certifications of USA Swimming, Inc. member coaches conducted by USA Swimming, Inc. member coaches that are member representatives of one of the approved agencies listed on the USA Swimming, Inc. Swim Training for Swim Coaches In-Water Skills Checklist.
  7. USA Swimming official members in good standing attending an Observed Swim Meet (pursuant to USA Swimming Rule 202.8).  An Observed Swim Meet is defined as a swim meet observed by an assigned USA Swimming, Inc. official(s) for conformance with USA Swimming, Inc. technical rules in a meet conducted under rules other than USA Swimming rules.
  8. "Organized practices" that have been reported and a premium has been paid for. Organized practices are defined as recreation league meets hosted by USA Swimming member club with community teams that are not USA Swimming member teams.
For additional information on the USA Swimming Insurance program, please visit our website here.

If you have questions regarding the certificate process or the General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance Program, please contact [email protected] or 
[email protected]. If you need to speak with someone, contact USA Swimming's broker, John Burkart, at 949-466-5407 or Rachel Olson, USA Swimming's Program Director, Risk Management, at 719-217-4796.