Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • Contact [email protected] for general questions or contact your swimmer's coach directly if it has to do with swim practice or a swim meet.

2. What are your competitive groups and how long is the season?

  • WAVE has a Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer Season. Please visit RST Aquatics for more information.
  • MAVERICKS has year-round tryouts and USA Swim league season is September thru August. Swimmers can join anytime based on coach approval.
  • SPLASH is a pre-competitve program which runs in Summer.
  • SWIM LESSONS are offered Spring Break and throughout the summer.

3.  How many days per week is practice offered for Splash, Wave, Mavericks?

  • WAVE practice 5 days per week Monday thru Friday.
  • MAVERICKS practice 5-6 days per week Monday thru Saturday depending on practice group.

4.  What is the practice schedule for the season?

  • We post practice schedules on the team website.
  • In general, weekday evening practices are offered during the school year.

5.  How many swim meets are required for swimmer team participation?

  • WAVE has requirement for swimmers participating in a minimum of 2 dual conference meets to be eligible for Championships at the end of the season. Also, to remain eligible for Returning Swimmer status, swimmers must swim in a minimum of 3 dual meets (conference or non-conference). 
  • MAVERICKS are expected to participate in monthly swim meets.

6.  Is there a parent participation requirement?

  • Yes there is a need for parents to participate in fundraising for our non-profit. The WAVE and MAVERICKS have additional volunteerism as listed under the website "Parents" tab by select the subtab "Volunteering" or read the Handbooks available in the "Parents" tab by selecting "Documents".
  • WAVE requires parents participation at all meets. There are additional opportunities to volunteer at social events as well as the opportunity to serve as Rocklin Swim Team Board members.
  • MAVERICKS requires parents to volunteer as timers or USA Swim Officials with opportunity to serve as Rocklin Swim Team Board members. 

7.  What equipment will my swimmer need for practices and meets?

  • Equipment for each group is shown here

8. What is the refund policy for clinics and other aquatics programs?

  • Refunds will be honored (minus $25 processing fee) prior to the program starting. Swim Lessons require 2 weeks notice to cancel for a refund.

9. What ages does Rocklin Swim Team accept?

  • Boys and girls up to age 18 and swim lessons accept parent-toddler thru adult participants.

10. What if my swimmer wants to continue team after Wave season?

  • Learn about Rocklin Wave Fall and Winter team here. More information about the Rocklin MAVERICKS can be found here.

11. Team events and how do I find out when things are happening?

  • All swim meets and social events are posted on the website Calendar and the bottom of our homepage under Events.  Update your account with current email, phone and SMS Text numbers so email and text reminders are received.   

12. Where can I connect with other parents and get a team directory?

  • You have access to a member directory when you log into your Team Unify account by clicking the side bar "TEAM TOOLS" then "MEMBER SEARCH" Please note: This information is only available to registered members of the team. To access a team roster, you must be signed in to the website.     

13. What is the name of that app that provides meet results?

  • Meet Mobile (iPhoneAndroid) - it links to the software used to run meets (Meet Manager) and allows for near real-time publishing of meet results.

14. Why can't I see some things like "Docs" or "Social Events" or "Swimmer Times" on the site?

  • You have to SIGN IN  to see some of the details on our team website.

15. Once on the website what do I do on the site?

  • Check calendar for "events"  
  • Watch the posts listed under "news"
  • Sign up for jobs at "swim meets"
  • Find links to follow up on Social Media