Rocklin High School pool, 5301 Victory Lane, Rocklin, CA 95765


Free parking in the high school parking lot directly at pool.

Volunteers Needed:

Ribbons: Second Shift, 2 volunteers.
Ready Bench: Two Shifts, 2 volunteers each shift. 
Timers: Two Shifts, 12 timers each shift.
Stroke and turn: Two Shifts, 3 Stroke and Turn Officials each shift.




Please send Hy-Tek compatible entry and roster file to [email protected] by 6:00pm the Thursday before the meet. Entry sheets will be returned no later than Friday evening. Any scratches after the entry sheets are published should be covered during the scratch session the day of the meet.

Team Area:

Area map here for visiting teams that have a designated camp outside pool gate behind pool scoreboard adjacent to the high school gym.

Snack Bar:

Snack Bar is open for business! We will be offering breakfast and lunch options along with snacks and drinks.

Warms Ups:

Visiting team warm up time is 7:40am to 8:10am


Visiting team scratch session will begin at 7:30am


We will be uploading results to Meet Mobile* as the meet progresses. (* Meet Mobile can be download from the Apple or Google App Store and requires an annual subscription.)


Scoring will be by Nor Cal Swim League rules.


We will use fly-over starts for all applicable individual heats (50 yds or greater) for ages 11 and older.


There will be 3 timers per lane. Each team is responsible for having 24 timer volunteers (12 per shift).

Ready Bench:

Swimmers over 13 do not use the ready bench.  Relay races do not use the ready bench.