WAVE Committees

WAVE has four committees associated with running their swim meets.  Please note that many of the committees are for home meets only, so if you are signing up for one of those committees, you may need to fill in with another job at away meets to make up your total volunteer commitment.  The four committees consist of:

  • Deck Operations 
  • Age Group/Ready Bench 
  • Facilities 
  • Food/Hospitality Service   

Any questions, please email our Vice President who manages the committees at [email protected].


Deck operations encompasses all functions immediately on the pool deck required to run an effective Wave meet. Due to the technical nature of each job, volunteers will sign up for specific jobs individually.  Many of these jobs also require training, and it is best for the team to have as much continuity as possible in these areas. 


The Announcer is responsible for making general announcements via microphone throughout the meet (i.e. announces swimmers in the water during all races, business sponsor info, raffle winners, time shift info, etc.). Also coordinates music during the meet, including National Anthem.  Announcer should have clear annunciation and ability to pronounce complex names.  There are two shifts available for home meets – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83).

Clerk of Course

Clerk of Course is a league-mandated position required at every League meet.  COC works closely with the Starter to ensure swimmers are in the proper lanes.  COC stands behind the blocks and checks each swimmer's name against Heat Sheets. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately to the Starter and/or Computer Chair to ensure proper reporting can be made. Training is provided. There are two shifts available for home meets – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83).


Prior to each meet, this individual works directly with our team’s Head Coach to set the meet, entering each swimmer’s events into the meet software. Also responsible for sending preliminary meet programs, check-in sheets and age-group event sheets to Age Group Coordinator. The morning of each meet updates events during “scratch session”; prints multiple copies of the final meet program for distribution and prints ribbon labels. 


The Starter announces each event and heat prior to the start of each race; gives the swimmers their starting instructions; and then starts the race. Starter also carefully watches the starts to ensure there are no false starts and takes appropriate actions if a false start has occurred. TRAINING IS PROVIDED click here for Starter Notes.  There are two shifts available for home meets – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83).


The Stroke and Turn Chair manages the judges, meet refs and the runners are needed for both home and away meets.  Ideally, the Chair will schedule 4 judges for 1st shift, with 2 helping on early takeoffs for 1st relays; for 2nd shift, we would do the same with 4 judges with 2 helping on early take off for 2nd set of relays.  The opposing team will provide the equal amount of judges for a total of 8 per meet.

Judges are responsible for applying the rules of recreational swimming, using common sense and good judgment (videos and training are provided). The rules of swimming are intended to provide fair and equitable conditions of competition. TRAINING IS PROVIDED click here  where they will review all 4 strokes and turns.  There are two shifts available – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83). 


Timers are a critical function for every meet.  We provide 12 timers for each shift for a typical meet (home and away), with two shifts per meet. Timers must carefully watch their assigned lane during races for accurate swim times, meaning they must be able to work their shift without interruption. Shift times vary depending on the pace of the meet, and are split by events – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83). 


Ribbon workers organize ribbons prior to start of each meet.  Individuals are responsible for taking computer-generated labels, affixing them to the back of ribbons for each swimmer, and filing the Wave ribbons in the swimmers folder for distribution. They also ensure the visiting team receives their ribbons. For away meets, the Wave folders need transporting to file the ribbons for Wave swimmers. All ribbons awarded to swimmers need to be in family boxes by the Monday following a meet. This committee will also keep a complete inventory of the ribbons, and ensure that there are enough for each meet. 


Age Group Reps

Age group reps ensure that swimmers get to the ready bench on time and are ready to swim.  These volunteers are assigned by the Age Group board member, and will remain with their group for every meet, including champs.

Ready Bench

Ready bench workers are to seat younger swimmers from both teams in their position corresponding to their lane assignments prior to sending them to the pool for their races. They help maintain the pace of the meet by ensuring that swimmers are at the blocks prior to their races. Ready bench workers will walk the younger children (6U, 7/8, 9/10) to the proper blocks.  There are two shifts available for meets – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83). 


The facilities committee is responsible for set up and tear down at each home meet, as well as maintaining the condition and cleanliness of the pool deck and restrooms during the meet.  Volunteers will also assist with vendor set up at each meet.  Individuals signing up for this committee should be willing to work any of these jobs, and may be assigned their shift on a meet by meet basis depending on needs and availability.  Additional information on the specific functions is as follows:

Set up/ Tear Down

Set-Up workers are responsible for setting up the pool and pool deck prior to each home meet.  Duties include, but are not limited to: putting up flags, installing lane lines, setting up shade structures and ready bench, and placing tables and chairs in the appropriate areas. Manual labor is required so all volunteers must be able to participate in lifting heavy objects. Set up is typically done afternoon/evening the day before meet date with start times varying depending on pool availability.  There may be early morning day of meet set up that is needed from time to time. As part of this committee, you will also be required to work set up for Champs on the Friday before.

Tear Down- At the conclusion of each home meet, volunteers are needed to clean up the entire facility and store away the items for the next meet.  Duties include, but are not limited to: removing flags and lane lines from the pool, taking down shade structures and ready bench, and placing tables and chairs back in the appropriate storage areas. In addition to the pool deck, the bathrooms, BBQ area and snack bar should all be clean and free of debris.


Services are responsible for maintaining good condition of the pool deck and restrooms during the meet and ensuring that they are in good condition at the end of the meet. They should ensure: that trash containers are not too full during the meet, and dispose of trash bags at the conclusion of the meet; make certain that bathrooms have necessary supplies during the meet, and that they are neat and supplied at the end of the meet; and collect all clothing, towels, etc. left on deck at the conclusion of the meet, and place in our lost and found area.  Typical meets will have two shifts of two people – AM shift (Events 1-43) and PM shift (Event 44-83).


This committee is responsible for all Snack Bar and refreshments for volunteers on the pool deck.  There will be several specific jobs that will need a set group of volunteers assigned solely to that task to keep the continuity and flow of the committee.  Others signing up for this committee should be willing to work any of these jobs, and may be assigned their shift on a meet by meet basis depending on needs and availability.  More information below:

Snack Bar

The Snack Bar Chair(s) manage all of the snack bar efforts for home meets. Will also work closely with the Treasurer to ensure all money collected is appropriately accounted for.


The Hospitality Chair coordinates inventory and purchasing with snack bar, sets up/stages supplies for home meets, and ensures everything is cleaned and stored properly. Hospitality is responsible for serving beverages/snacks to timers, coaches, officials, and other volunteers working during the meets.



Works closely with Board  to meet RST fund raising goals; ensures the team's fundraising efforts are well coordinated and executed. Directly responsible for gathering voluntary contributions from local businesses for team sponsorships, events, and coordinates vendor sales at meets.