Parent Conduct

RST Treasurer

I wanted to take this time to emphasize how any issues that arise at meets or at practice should handled.

Anything that can wait until after practice or after the meet needs to wait. Coaches and volunteers have so much going on while theh are on deck and they will generally be unable to have a one on one discussion at that time. Do not confront a coach or volunteer on deck directly. If something absolutely cannot wait then it should be brought directly to Coach Nately or myself.

Additionally, I know we are incredibly lucky to have such devoted board members, but please remember that they are also parent volunteers. I would like to encourage you to reach out to me or Coach Nately directly regarding any concerns and we will do our best to resolve them.

Finally, just treat everyone with respect. Whether they are a coach, an athlete, or another parent, I want to make sure that everyone that is a part of this team knows that they are part of a respectful and supportive culture.

-Coach Andrew