Group Swim Lessons at the Alamo Heights Natatorium

8 days, 30 minutes long each, maximum of 2 with 4-7 year olds, $100 for the session 

Our Learn To Swim Program is designed to equip children aged 4-10 (often beginning at 5 is better!) with the basic mechanics of swimming and staying safe around water.  Our method instills the proper movements of swimming into the muscle memory of each student, preventing severe regressions during periods away from the pool. 

We are focused on body position and kick which will be practiced with great repetition. Children begin by learning proper kicking technique and gaining small amounts of independence by practicing on noodles and kick boards. Teachers then help students hold their breath, blow bubbles, and then put their faces into the water. 

From there we offer various exercises to work on gliding and relaxing in the water. By the end of the two weeks, most students will know how to put their face in, push off the side unassisted, kick, and take a few strokes.  They will also learn some pool rules, how to jump in, and how to grab a toy from the bottom of the shallow end.  Some students may progress further into breathing while swimming while other students may require more than one session due to various personality traits, extreme fear, physical barriers, or learning barriers/disabilities.  This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. 

Those who need special attention to progress, may be directed to a private lesson. Those who can already breathe on their own and swim somewhat proficiently, may be directed to a stroke clinic.

Our teachers have all been specifically chosen and trained by our swim lesson manager, Shannon West, who has 20 years experience teaching and coaching swimming to all ages. She is still currently employed at The Heights Pool where she has worked for the last 14 summers. We are greatly honored to be given the chance to work with your children! You will see significant improvement in the short two weeks.