Alamo Area Water Polo - Game Days - Winter 2023 - 2024

UPDATES:  We have rescheduled the Winter Game Day #1 and have added a Holiday Game Day/Alumni Game. 

All athletes will have the opportunity to play in Game Days (part of monthly dues, no extra costs).  Athletes will automatically be assigned to at least one team and play at least two games each game day (games within a division will be scheduled back to back or with one game waiting around all day for games).  A schedule for each Game Day will be emailed to everyone the Monday prior to the specific Game Day.  There is no extra charge for these Game Days as this is part of the program/seasonal dues.  Some Game Days will simply be intra-club while others will be against other club teams in the South Texas area.    All Game Days will be at the Alamo Heights Natatorium.

  • Alamo Area Water Polo – Winter Game Day #1:  This Game Day will be during normal practice times on Wednesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 7th.  All Athletes/Age Groups. All Athletes/Age Groups. 
  • Alamo Area Water Polo - Holiday Game Day/Alumni Game:  Saturday, December 30th at the Alamo Heights Natatorium.  All Athletes/Age Groups.
  • Alamo Area Water Polo – Winter Game Day #2:  Sunday, Sunday, January 7th at the Alamo Heights Natatorium.  All Athletes/Age Groups. Alamo Area Intra-Club Games.
  • Alamo Area Water Polo – Winter Game Day #3:  Sunday, January 21st at the Alamo Heights Natatorium.  All Athletes/Age Groups. Alamo Area Intra-Club Games.