Hawaiian Swimming LSC recognizes the excellence of its athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers through a variety of awards and public recognition.


Hawaiian Swimming (HISI) provide HI point awards for State Age Group  and Senior Championships.  In addition, Senior swimmers are awarded for attending Sectional and higher championship competitions by awarding travel reimbursements to eligible athletes.  Awards are based on level of competition (higher the level of competition/time standards higher the award).


HISI awards the Coach of the year based on the ASCA criteria for the coaches selection.  In addition, Teams are awarded travel reimbursements for sending coaches to accompany athletes to sectional and higher competition.


HISI awards Teams to support their coaches to attend sectional and higher competition as noted in “Coaches” awards.


HISI supports volunteer recognition with Phillips 66 outstanding service award, USA Swimming Official's Excellence Award, and USA Swimming Lifetime Membership awards.  HISI has recently been working on an awards program that includes coaches and volunteer appreciation & achievement and possible athlete recognition