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Welcome to Hawaiian Swimming! On this tab you can find the information relevant to becoming a coach, and resources for improving your coaching and actively participating in this important profession serving the athletes of Hawaiian Swimming!

We have adapted the materials provided by USA Swimming, hopefully providing you with all the local contacts and contextualizing your commitments within the frame of this unique place and culture: Hawai'i. As you work through each of topics you will gain all the information you need to successfully begin or continue your coaching career. Mahalo for all that you do for our athletes, parents, and the sport of swimming in Hawai'i.


Coach Membership Checklist (Link)

Membership Application

Complete and mail a non-athlete membership application to the address print on the application form. (see this link) Memberships are processed by each LSC (Local Swimming Committees).  Annual fees vary by LSC.  Application forms can be found on each LSC website. 

Foundations of Coaching Test (Link)

First year coaches must complete Foundations of Coaching 101 Level Course ($15). The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Results are automatically reported into the USA Swimming database upon successful completion.

Concussion Protocol Training (Link)

Coaches should take the concussion training to meet their state requirements. In a state where no such law exists, coaches can take the training through the Centers for Disease Control or the National Federation of State High School Associations. Certificates of completion must be sent to the LSC registrar for documentation.

Safety Training for Coaches (Link)

The STSC requirement consists of two components: (A) an online course and test, and (B) an in-water skills session.The online component must be passed before taking the in-water skills component. Go directly to http://www.redcross.org/take-a-class and complete the instructions on ARC web page.

CPR/AED Certification (Link)

Obtain USA Swimming-approved adult & pediatric CPR/AED certification. Certification must be kept current at all times.

Coaches who do not have access to an acceptable CPR/AED course or have taken a course that is not on this list can call their local American Red Cross chapter to challenge one of their Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED courses. The challenge involves passing the skills assessment with an ARC instructor without having to take the entire course. The ARC will charge a fee for each challenge. Call your local ARC chapter to set up a challenge.

Coach Safety Requirements (Link)

  • Effective since 1988, all coach members are required to fulfill safety training requirements as established by the USA Swimming Board of Directors. USA Swimming requires coach members to present evidence of having passed the following courses: Safety Training for Swim Coaches and CPR. First Aid is no longer required since it is incorporated in the new Safety Training for Swim Coaches online course.
  • From an insurance standpoint, you are no longer insured as a coach as of the date that any of your safety cards expire. You are immediately considered a non-athlete member who is no longer a coach.
  • A list of acceptable  CPR and STSC courses is below. Taking courses that are not on this list will not be acceptable for coach membership. CPR and STSC are each valid for two years.

Criminal Background Check (Link)

All non-athlete members must pass a criminal background check every 24 months. Please visit www.usaswimming.org/backgroundcheck for additional information and to initiate the background check.

Athlete Protection Training (Link)

Athlete Protection Training: All non-athlete members must complete the online Athlete Protection Training course annually. The core course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is offered at no charge. The renewal course, offered in alternate years, is about 45 minutes long. When the course has been completed, the membership database is updated and the LSC is notified automatically.

New non-athlete members must register through their LSC first. New members cannot initiate this course until their membership application has been processed by their LSC. New members will receive an email as soon as their membership has been processed by the LSC.

USADA Coach's Advantage Tutorial (Link)

Current and previous members can access the course at any time. This course is offered at no charge. New members cannot begin the course until their membership applications have been processed by the LSCs. This course is renewed annually.

All coaches must complete the online USADA Coach’s Advantage Tutorial annually. The course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is offered at no charge. Results are automatically reported into the USA Swimming database upon successful completion.

USA Swimming LEARN (Link)

USA Swimming LEARN is the online education hub for all members of USA Swimming! LEARN stand for Leadership Education And Resource Network. USA Swimming LEARN provides multi-dimensional educational and resource opportunities for athletes, coaches, parents, and officials at all levels of swimming. The goal of LEARN is to provide a consistent and quality learning experience across multiple disciplines for all USA Swimming members in order to develop new skills and enhance their experience inside and out of the pool.

American Development Model (Link)

Coaches can reference USA Swimming’s American Development Model as a tool to create your team’s long-term athlete development plan, design the practice group structure, and evaluate the overall development and progress of your swimmers.

Health Coverage for Coaches (Link)

SA Swimming is excited to announce a strategic partnership with US Equestrian to deliver access to quality healthcare coverage for USA Swimming coach members. This partnership includes access to a variety of coverages (health, vision, dental, life) as well as other corporate discounts.

Why the partnership with US Equestrian? US Equestrian generously made the benefits available to their Olympic partners and USA Swimming saw the opportunity to partner with an organization with a similar focus: providing first-in-class service to our members.

Financial Services for Coaches (Link)

USA Swimming has partnered with OneAmerica to provide coaches and national team athletes with a no-cost connection to financial professionals.  We know that finding a financial advisor can be overwhelming, so we are making it easier for you to connect directly with a network of proven professionals. OneAmerica financial advisors are ready to discuss a variety of topics from budgeting to managing debt to understanding insurance… and these sessions are free to USA Swimming coaches and National Team athletes. 

Regional Coaches Clinics (Link)

USA Swimming's Regional Coach Clinics provide coaches of all levels and experience with the blueprint and best in class expertise to reform their coaching using facilitated education, discussions, and activities.   

Archive Information

2010 Hawaiian Swimming Coaches Clinic:

  • RULES Interpretation and Explanation [ pdf ]

  • LETTER to Club Coaches and Club Boards from the LSC Board regarding Deck Official shortages on all islands. [ pdf ]

  • October 15-17, at the University of Hawaii flyer now posted. [ pdf ]

  • Guest Presenters:

    • Mike Chasson - former ASU Head Coach

    • Dr. Jan Prins - Director of the UH Aquatic Research Laboratory.

    • Chuck Riggs - Assistant UH Coach

    • Scott Shea - Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Head Coach SCRA site

    • Victor Wales - UH Head Coach



    • Backstroke Text [ pdf ]

    • Breaststroke Line Progression [ pdf ]

    • Breaststroke Text [ pdf ]

    • Fly - 2009 Convention Final [ pdf ]

    • Start Diagram [ pdf ]

    • Start Take-off Angle Group [ pdf ]

    • Start Text [ pdf ]

  • OTHER:

    • Become a Nutrition Expert - Diversity Hawaii [ pdf ]

    • Dryland Training and Conditioning II [ pdf ]

    • Eischens Yoga Beginner Sequence [ pdf ]

    • Preparing Your Athletes for Competition [ pdf ]

    • Rage Against the Machines [ pdf ]

    • The Maturing Athlete - Coach and Parent [ pdf ]