Steps on becoming an official are outlined in the document below

  Becoming an Official.  


  • Registration- In order to get on deck, an Apprentice Official has two options:
  • 1) Register as an Apprentice Official, in which case, they can go out on deck and
    begin their on-deck training. They have 60 days to complete their APT, CPT and
    BCG. At day 61 they must become a non-athlete member which requires APT, CPT and BCG to be completed before stepping on deck.

  • 2) Register as a non-athlete official member, complete APT, CPT and BCG before stepping on deck. A non-athlete Official membership cannot be Coach (including Provisional or Junior), Other, or Administrators.
  • Testing and Training - The following can be found at USA Swimming University
    • Background Check 
    • Online Testing - Email test results to Stephanie Monahan.
    • Athlete Protection Training - Save your certificate once completed. 
    • Concussion Training Protocol -  Print your certificate and send it to Stephanie Monahan and Gwenn Tomiyoshi at [email protected]
  • Clinic and On-Deck Training
    • Contact Stephanie Monahan or Sandy Drake for clinic dates and on-deck requirements.


Questions about becoming an official?

Contact us:

Stephanie Monahan at [email protected]

Sandy Drake at [email protected]