** Note the following swimming meet schedules are the approved LSC Meet schedules.  Incremental changes to dates or venues are reflected on the main 'Calendar' page of this website and may NOT be recorded in the following documents.

2017-20 Quad Year Schedule Plan: pdf (BOD reviewed Feb 2017)

2019-20 LSC Schedule (approved May 2019). Link to Google Sheets: All-Island Schedule

  • Original draft presented at Feb BOD meeting.  Incremental changes and dates of changes are noted in the Google docs history.
  • Contact Joe Glenn & Malcolm Cooper if schedule needs changing.

LSC All-Island Meet Schedule Archives: 2018-19  2017-18 2016-17  2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
LSC Quad-Plan Archives: 2013-2016