USA Swimming Coaches Safety Curriculum

Go to USA Swimming LEARN (Link)


Where can coach members find a list of all requirements?

You can find the list on the Coach Membership Requirements Checklist page.


Can non-members access courses on LEARN?

Yes, non-members can access most content by creating a non-member account here.


Why do I have to enter my name and birth date every time?

This process verifies your membership and makes sure that any course results (such as for the APT or USADA Coach's Advantage Tutorial) are credited accurately to your membership record and Deck Pass.  It also saves you from having to remember yet another password!


How do I come back to USAS Learn Portal if I logout?

As a member, you MUST ALWAYS enter LEARN by entering your name and DOB at or  If you make a non-member account on LEARN, you will not receive credit for the courses you take.