Hawaiian Swimming (HISI) is committed to ensuring the protection of our athletes. To aid in this effort, please review the materials below to understand and spread the principles of USA Swimming's Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) and other SafeSport information. It is imperative that all athletes, parents, coaches, administrators, officials, and volunteers become familiar with these principles.

HISI Safe Sport Chair - Sandy Drake 

Committee members - Heather Edwards - Hickham, Marie Williams, Swim Kauai, and athlete member Xander Hurst - Hawaii Swim Club

Western Zone Safe Sport Coordinator - April Walkey


Safe Sport Training

Athlete Protection Training - Which course do I take?

USA Swimming has made Safe Sport training opportunities available online. This page provides information and registration for the training.

Attendance will be recorded, and will count towards SafeSport Recognnition. Attendance for these programs is limited, and will be closed five minutes after starting. Here are some additional resources and information from USA Swimming relating to the online training.



USA Swimming recognizes the required training course may not be appropriate for some adult athlete members with cognitive disabilities. For any such adult athlete member, please reference this information for exemptions and accommodations. Additionally, completing this training may be triggering or re-traumatizing for victims/survivors. Exemptions for this requirement may be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Requests may be made to USA Swimming.   LEARN MORE





USA Swimming Meet 360 Guide - safe sport resources for Meet Directors and Meet Referees

SafeSport Code for the US Olympic and Paralympic Movement
(U.S. Center for SafeSport - April 2021)



Report a Concern

The cliche is true: If you see something, say something. Please contact the HISI SafeSport Chair Sandy Drake if you wish to report a concern, or need guidance on reporting abuse. If you have reasonable suspicion regarding an assault on an athlete, please immediately contact the USA Center for Safe Sport or at 833-5US-SAFE (833-587-7233), and your local authorities. Here are additional resources from the US Government's Child Welfare Information Gateway.




Athlete Protection Training (APT) - All athletes over the age of 18 are required to complete Athlete Protection Training. APT provides guidance for protecting minor athletes, and how adult athletes are expected to behave around minors. If you are 18 or older and you have not completed this training, you will not be permitted on deck during any USA Swimming sanctioned meets (even if you are expecting to compete). To complete this training, please go to the USA Swimming website.

SafeSport for Athletes: To learn about how to protect yourself and your teammates, please take the SafeSport for Athletes Training. This training is required for your club to earn SafeSport Recognition. To access this training, go to the USA Swimming website and select "SafeSport for Athletes".




Parents play an essential role in keeping athletes safe. Please speak with your athletes about SafeSport issues, and remind them that you are there to help with any issues they may be having. To help guide you in keeping your athletes safe, please take the SafeSport for Swim Parents training (now called "Parent's Guide to Misconduct in Sports"). This training is available under the EDUCATION tab on your dashboard. 




Coaches, Team Administrators & Volunteers

MAAPP - USA Swimming mandated institution of the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) on June 23, 2019. MAAPP requires that all clubs institute the stated policies, and requires that all members and "applicable adults" understand and acknowledge the policy. Please review the policy, and review additional resources. USA Swimming has provided a customizable MAAPP policy for your club.

To enter the pool deck for any HISI Swim Meet, you must have reviewed and acknowledged this policy.

To help ensure compliance with MAAPP, it is recommended that all clubs require acknowledgement of MAAPP as part of the registration process.

SafeSport Recognition - USA Swimming is recognizing clubs for their commitment to SafeSport, and efforts to implement policies and procedures to keep their athletes safe. The following clubs have earned USA Swimming's SafeSport Recognition: Hickham Hurricanes, Kona Aquatics Club, Inc., Maui Dolphins Swim Club, Swim Kauai Aquatics, and Warrior Aquatic Club.  There are 5 clubs who have had their SSPR expire in 2023. You do need to renew every 2 years. 14 clubs have started the process.  

Congratulations to the clubs who are SafeSport recognized!!!

To earn SafeSport Recognition, please follow the detailed instructions. You will be required to acknowledge that your club has adopted certain policies, such as codes of conduct, electronic communications policies, travel policies, photography policies, anti-bullying policies, locker room monitoring policies, reference checks for coaches, and training events. USA Swimming has provided customizable, sample policies. Please note that at least 10% of your athletes will be required to complete the online SafeSport for Athletes training, and 10% of your parents will be required to complete the SafeSport for Swim Parents training. The online training can be completed individually online, or in group sessions. USA Swimming SafeSport has provided additional training resources. If you have questions about this process, please contact the HISI SafeSport Chair Sandy Drake for any resources you'd like to be sent to your club.


Background Checks - USA Swimming has required background checks for non-athlete members since January 2011. All non-athlete members of USA-S must complete the check to obtain membership. Please go to the USA Swimming website at for more details and to initiate your check. USA Swimming has provided an Overview of the program and a Frequently Asked Questions.




Other USA Swimming SafeSport Resources

USA Swimming has made a host of safe sport resources available on their website. Please visit for more information.

Where Can I Get Support?

Being a victim of abuse is stressful and no doubt overwhelming. It is important for victims and their families to know that they are not alone. USA Swimming, US Center for SafeSport, and The Army of Survivors have created numerous resources that can be helpful for victims of abuse and their loved ones. 





Questions or Comments

Please Contact the HISI Safe Sport Chair (Sandy Drake) with any questions or comments about Safe Sport.