IMPORTANT - For a pool to be included in the list below, all lanes must meet the “minimum” lane length requirement of 25.02 yards/meters or 50.02 meters measured without touchpads. The pools can be measured with touchpads installed which makes the minimum length requirements 25.00 yards or meters and 50.00 meters. Our rule book uses the term “tolerance” and this wording is copied from the FINA international rule which we must adhere to. It is really not a tolerance in the sense we are used to – it is a minimum measurement that can be accepted. The proper box on our forms must be checked for measurements - with pads at one end or pads at both end or without pads. Pool depths also must be listed on the form and the minimum depth of every lane at the starting end of the pool (if dive starts are done from both ends then both ends must be listed) must be 4’0” minimum. Measurements should be submitted in a form matching the course – meters for meters and yards for yards. E-mail all forms to [email protected]. Please do not use first class or registered mail.

USA Swimming Certified Pools List