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IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A CLUB FOR YOUR CHILD, or are visiting one of the islands, There are many clubs in almost all areas on each populated island in Hawaii.  All USA-Swimming clubs in Hawaii have certified coaches (Coach Safety Training, CPR & First Aid, Background Checked), and most have introductory to competitive programs for children from (generally) 5 years old to 18 and over.

Oahu Clubs
Head Coach
Aloha Aquatics Association (AAA) Grant Bramer Tuamoana Kenessey
Aulea Swim Club (AUL) Joe Glenn Joe Glenn
Hawaii Swimming Club (HSC) Reid Yamamoto Reid Yamamoto
Hickam Swim Team (HICK) Elena Cimental Elena Cimental
Iolani Swim Club (IOL) Ivan Batsanov Ivan Batsanov
Kamehameha Swim Club (KSC) Kevin Flanagan John Fanagan
Manoa Aquatics (MAN) Larry Oshiro Larry Oshiro
Pearl City Aquatics (PCA) Ron Iwamoto Ron Iwamoto
Punahou Aquatics (PAQ) Eric Nagoshi Jauson Hagi
Rainbow Aquatics (BOWS) Merri Wada Merri Wada
Schofield Sharks Swim Club (SSSC) no renewal no renewal
Splash Aquatics (SPL) Ryan Muraoka Russell Iwamura
Sun-shine Aquatics (SUNA) JiaLin (Sunny) Sun JaiLin Sun
University of Hawaii (UH) Dan Schemmel Marcus Guttman


Maui Clubs
Head Coach
Hawaii Swimming Club (HSC) Reid Yamamoto Reid Yamamoto
Island Aquatics (IA) Shawn Donohue Shawn Donohue
Lahaina Swim Club (LAH) Jennifer Wiseman Amy McGill
Maui Dolphin Swim Club (MDSC) Scott Pintor Carolann Barrett
Maui Swim Club (MAUI) Kiki Matsumoto Kiki Matsumoto


Big Island Clubs
Head Coach
Academy Swim Club (ASC) Mark Noetzel Mark Noetzel
Big Blue Swim Club (BLUE) Dorothy Staskawicz Dorothy Staskawicz
Hilo Aquatics (HAQ) Jon Hayashida Jean Ouye
Kona Aquatics (KONA) David Gibson David Gibson
Kona Dolphin Swim Team (PHIN) Joyce Follis Jay Carroll
Waikoloa Swim Club Phillip Kim Matthew Gustavson
Warrior Aquatic Club (WAC) Willem Sakovich Willem Sakovich


Kauai Clubs
Head Coach
Swim Kauai Aquatics (SKA) Curt Colby Marie Williams


If you are interested in teams outside the LSC, please go to USA Swimming "Find a Team"

Find one of 3,000 USA Swimming teams in your area to join the competitive side of the sport (indicated by red pins on the map), or one of 1500 swim lesson providers  to learn to swim (indicated by blue pins on the map). Contact these programs directly to learn about the many options about how to join USA Swimming and enjoy swimming at any level! 

Note: Please contact the website maintenance team for corrections or updates to this list.  Each Hawaiian Swimming club is encouraged to provide a club website link, pdf flier, or e-mail link for inclusion in this list.