Aloha everyone,
I hope everyone had a nice holiday as best as you could.  I am so looking forward to a new year and a new chapter to begin.  
And so, to begin this new chapter, I have decided to step down as the Hawaiian Swimming Official's Chair after almost 10  years of serving you all. 
I will still be officiating for Hawaiian Swimming for as long as I'm on island.  I will be helping your new official's chair transition into the position.  I will still be available for anyone who has questions.  
I'm really excited about your new official's chair.  She is going to do an excellent job.  I have complete faith in her.  
And who is your new official's chair?  Well, it is now official that she will begin on January 1st being appointed by our General Chair, Jon Hayashida. 
THANK YOU,  Stephanie Monahan  for agreeing to taking on this position.   =O =O =O =O =O  I look forward to what new visions you will bring for Hawaiian Swimming and the officials.
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me........ or Stephanie. Her email address is  [email protected].
Thank you all for all you do for our sport.  I miss all of us together, but am certain we will be on deck together again in the future.
Aloha and a hui ho~~