COACH’S REPORT For April 2023-April 2024




Provide the highest quality level of training for all levels of competitive swimming while promoting positive habits through teamwork and respect in a safe and supportive environment.



Develop swimmers who consistently move on to compete at the collegiate and international level.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect Excellence


The past 12 months have been a remarkable period of growth and development for LSAC. We take immense pride in the collective achievements and performances of our team members throughout the year. Athletes have consistently raised the bar, delivering outstanding performances that have captivated us all.

Our team has seen unprecedented engagement, with athletes becoming more involved with activities such as dryland training and competitions.  Parent have bcome more invloved   with parent meetings, helping with practices, and officiating. Our staff is gratefull for this surge in participation and apprreciate the tireless efforts of our athletes, committees, and volunteers, who dedicate themselves week after week to the advancement of our sport.

We are forging stronger alliances than ever before, particularly with the YMCA and the City of Round Rock. Collaborating closely with Round Rock facilities, we aim to inject new vitality into our sport. Our commitment remains steadfast in involving all clubs in our area, ensuring their inclusion in as many home competitions as possible. We thrive on competition and cherish the opportunity to compete alongside others.

As we strive to strengthen our bonds with our families, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the board members and USA swimming officials who have paved the way and selflessly dedicated their time to the betterment of our team. I express sincere appreciation for the unwavering dedication and boundless energy exhibited by these remarkable volunteers. Their invaluable contributions have been instrumental in making this past year a resounding success.

In conclusion, I hope 2024-25 will be an even greater success for our team and I thank everyone in advance for their support and hard work. 


KEY ACHIEVEMENTS April 2023-April 2024


  • 1 new Zones Qualifier 
  • 2 new Open Water Zones Qualifiers
  • Qualified swimmers in every age group for State competion
  • 8 new TAGS Qualifiers
  • 2 new Sectionals Qualifiers
  • Successfully operated swim meets out of two separate pool
  • Maintained 4 USA swimming officials
  • 10 team records


Academic Spotlight 


Kassie Brown  - A&M

Briton Larsen - BYU

Skyler Yue - University of Texas

Ella Bingham - BYU

Sam Bingham - BYU

Emily Morales - Westpoint



FUNDRAISING OVER $10,000 RAISED for training equipment, education, etc between company matching, donations, partnerships, etc.

CONTENT CREATION OVER 50+ HOURS of content creation through private training and underwater filming.

PERFORMANCE MILESTONE HIGHEST SCORE in over 15 years at the Long Course TAGS Championships.

PERFORMANCE TARGET  BROKE 90,000 VCC Points (Goal 75,000) showing that we are able to carry a well balance score sheet.



Parties throughout the year including Christmas and Season Kick-off

Championship Branding

Awards and prizes at swim meets - bags, medals, ribbons, Yetis, dinner with coaches

Spurs games - at SA and in Austin

Junior Spotlight

Swag Bags

Kids can jump really high


Current Standings 


Key points:

  1. 11 years old are coming in hot
  2. USA swimming no longer tracks high school meets towards VCC leading into a lower than expected number from high school swimmers
  3. Performances reflect the demand on the team (huge demand to join Senior 11-12.)
  4. Championship percentages: 67% of Senior/Elite have achieved STX cut or faster,  39% of Senior/Elite have swam in the top 10% of country A cut, 23% of Senior/Elite have scored in top 5%


Goal for 2024-25

Force Shaping



The summer schedule will show a shift in the Junior 1, Junior 3, Senior and Elite. We want to provide MORE training opportunities for the rapidly improving Junior 3’s as there is and will continually be a huge demand for the Senior group.  




We are looking at interns who can help this summer as excitement build around Long Course and the Olympics and we prepare for the Fall.



Allocate resources towards pool and dryland equipment including improved flooring, plyometric equipment, med balls, and cooling. Additionally we plan on running more distance events to our swim meets. 

Distance swims more accurately show hard work paying off and there are more opportunities for young athletes competing in distance swims including an upcoming international competition in Barbados.


How you can help?

  1. Attend meetings - huge opportunities ahead (new pool, meets, etc)
  2. Sponsorships/Donations - we are a nonprofit. Donations help support our vision.
  3. Become an Official (12 step program)

1. Attend New Officials Clinic 

2. 10 sessions (~40 hours) on deck training under an official

3. Register with USA swimming

4. Watch USA swimming Training Videos

5. Pass Exam

6. Pass L-2 background check

7. APT training

8. Concussion Training

9. Turn in On-Deck Training 

10. Attend Officials Clinic

11. Log to Officials Rep

12. Turn in receipts





Swimming is often perceived as an individual sport due to swimmers competing solo in their lanes, but in reality, it is actually backed by a team of supporters behind every successful athlete. Families particularly play a pivotal role in the journey of young swimmers. Swimming is a partnership.

The dedication, support, and sacrifices made by families are essential in nurturing the talent and potential of these athletes, molding them into successful individuals both within and beyond the pool.

A heartfelt thank you to the LSAC Board and staff. Your ongoing support of the parents, athletes, and myself is immensely valued, and we eagerly anticipate further growth in the sport of swimming together.

Adam Depmore

Head Coach

Lone Star Aquatics Inc