Swimmer Code of Conduct 

As a swimmer & member of Lone Star Aquatic Club, I will abide by the following code of conduct:


1. I will follow and comply with the team's Core Values to the best of my ability.

2. I will conduct myself with dignity and respect for others and for the property of others.

3. I will be on time for practice, training sessions, and meets.

4. I will comply with all team rules.

5. I will leave the pool area in a neat & clean condition at the conclusion

6. I will practice and teach good sportsmanship.

7. I will promote positive team spirit and morale.

8. I will offer congratulations and encouragement to his/her opponents.

9. I will support my teammates at practice and at competition.

10. I will follow verbal directions of the coaching staff. At no time will disrespectful attitudes by any swimmer be tolerated.

11. I will respect the rights and space requirements of other groups using the swimming facility.

12. I will follow the Code of Conduct at home, at away events and at any event where LSAC is represented




I understand that at no times will the following be accepted:


1. Use or possession of any illegal substance (i.e. alcohol, drugs, tobacco)

2. Destructive behavior

3. Inappropriate or unruly behavior, including fighting or striking another athlete.

4. Refusing to workout

5. Inappropriate language (swearing or derogatory comments) or lying.

6. Stealing and vandalism

7. Bullying or isolating another swimmer

8. Interference with the progress of another swimmer during practice or at any other time

9. Sexual misconduct



Consequences for Violation of the Code of Conduct

This code shall be in force for all Lone Star swimmers during practice, during swim meets, and at events where Lone Star is represented. Disciplinary actions can range from, but are not limited to


1. Removal from practice

2. A meeting involving swimmer, parents, and coach

3. Being sent home from practice or competition at parents expense

4. Being barred from competition

5. Suspension or even expulsion from the team



Suspension: Coaches may suspend a swimmer from practice for disciplinary reason for a maximum of three days. Coaches may also recommend to the board that a swimmer be expelled from the club if in his/her judgment, the swimmer is unable to conform to the disciplinary guidelines established for swim practice and club participation.


Safety and Behavior

The Lone Star Aquatics board of directors reserves the right to terminate the membership of any individual whose behavior places the Lone Star Aquatics in an unfavorable light or jeopardizes our participation in any pool use or sporting event. All swimmers are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and act as appropriate ambassadors for the club. They should act as role models for other swimmers at all times.