What is TeamUnify?


We are very excited to be using TeamUnify for our meet entry process and for our team email communications. We will be using this system so that you can specify your own meet entry requests and review/pay your monthly fees.


Access to our TeamUnify account is only allowed to Lone Star Aquatic Club members and requires an email address and password to access. After you have registered with the team, you should receive an email invitation from TeamUnify to activate your account. Please be sure to activate your account.  


What sort of Email Communications should I expect?


Lone Star uses the TeamUnify communications feature. You should receive emails automatically at whichever email address you provided during registration. The emails will detail things like team activities, upcoming meets, or the occasional practice schedule changes.  


What equipment do I need?


For practices, you will need a swim suit designed for competitive swimming (any brand or color is fine but no baggy trunks or board shorts), goggles, fins, kick board, mesh bag and a cap. 


When is my monthly tuition due?


Monthly tuition is billed on the first of each month, and is due by the 14th. A $20 late fee will be added to accounts not paid on time.



How much do I owe? 


Near the end of each month you will receive an email from TeamUnify showing the projected amount due. Additional meet entries or team gear charges may be added to your account. On the first of the new month, an actual amount due will be emailed to you. 


Also, you can review your TeamUnify account online anytime.  Sign in to your account, go to My Account, then My Invoice/Payment.  You can view your current invoice details and billing history.


How do I pay my monthly coaching fees?


There are a several ways you can pay your monthly tuition: 

  • You can bring a check to the YMCA, payable to "LSAC", and drop it in the "PAYMENTS" folder in our team file box beside the pool.
  • You can mail a check to: LSAC P.O. Box 851, Round Rock, TX 78680.
  • If you have an online bill pay account with your bank, you can schedule a payment and have it mailed to: LSAC P.O. Box 851, Round Rock, TX 78680.
  • You can use TeamUnify to pay by credit card or ACH bank draft. From "My Account", select "Payment Setup" to set up your information. You can choose to be automatically charged on the first of each month, or you can log on and submit payments yourself after you have reviewed your invoice. From "My Account", go to "My Invoice/Payment", then select the "Make Payment" tab. However, the team pays a lot of fees to process your credit card payments, so payment by check is preferred.  Thank you!


Questions about your account?


Contact the LSAC bookkeeper Caroline Mericas if you have questions concerning your account.



Can I change my practice schedule?


We do our best to accommodate the training needs of all of our swimmers. However, please realize that we have a limited amount of spaces available at various practice times so it is not always possible to change your practice schedule. If you want to change your practice schedule, talk to your coach first to see if there is room in the time slot you'd prefer.


Do I have to attend meets?


No, however, we do encourage swimmers to challenge themselves, strive for goals and chart their progress through competition at swim meets.


How often are the meets?


LSAC competes in a swim meet about once a month. As meet information becomes available, Coach Adam will send a team email with the details for the meet: the dates, location, entry criteria, deadline for entry, etc. 


The meet opportunities will also be displayed on the Events page of our TeamUnify website.


How do I enter a meet?


Entering your swimmer in a swim meet is easy and takes just a few simple steps: 

  1. First, you'll receive the meet information from the group email. 
  2. You then need to decide whether the dates and times work for you and your family. 
  3. Next, you sign on to TeamUnify with your email address and password to view the entries available to your swimmer. 
  4. Select the individual events your swimmer would like to swim. 

You will be billed for meet entries on your beginning-of-month statement. The cost for meet entries will be published with the meet information. There is a fee for each event, plus a meet fee per swimmer. The coaches decide who will swim in relays. Some meets toward the end of the season have minimum time requirements that your child must have achieved in a USA swim meet in order to participate. Your swimmer's coach can tell you if your swimmer is eligible for a particular meet.



What do I wear to the meets?


You should wear a black TYR suit and a "Lone Star" cap, if wearing a cap when you race at a meet.


How do I get a team cap?


Silicone caps with our Lone Star team logo will be sold for $12 each. Contact Coach Adam to request a swim cap.


Will there be a ready bench and team parents at the meets like summer league?


No, unlike summer league swimming, parents are not allowed on deck unless they are assisting in the conduct of the meet (for example, serving as a timer). Our swimmers sit together as a team on the pool deck. The coaches direct them to their events and prepare them to swim their best. 


Can anybody attend a meet?


If you're not sure whether you are ready to compete in a meet, just ask your coach. Most of the meets early in the season are "unclassified", meaning that they are open to all USA registered swimmers. Towards the end of the season, the meets get more "specialized" and have certain entry time requirements. We try to attend meets of varying levels to accommodate all of our swimmers.


What is Short Course? What is Long Course?


Short Course is training or competing in 25 yard or meter pools, while Long Course is training or competing in 50 Meter Pools. Most indoor pools in the USA are set-up as 25 yard pools and so most of the times younger athletes become familiar with early on are the short course yard (scy) times. Since these meets are held in the winter months, our Short Course competition season starts in September and culminates with championship meets in February & March. The Long Course competition season begins in April and continues through July and August depending on the highest-level championship meet a swimmer can qualify. 


Can I take a month off of swimming?


We have constant inquiries from swimmers wanting to join our team. If you wish to take time off from swimming and reserve your position on the team, you need to pay the monthly fees. Openings are almost always filled immediately.


How do I cancel membership?


Send an email to your coach and the LSAC Bookkeeper, Caroline Mericas, by the 15th of your final month with the team.  We need time to process your request before the next monthly billing cycle occurs.



Can I ask the coaches questions during practice?


If parents need to ask questions, please wait until practice time is over and the swimmers have left the pool. The coaching staff will be glad to talk with you when they can give their full and undivided attention. You should view the pool deck like a classroom. Would you interrupt a classroom teacher in the middle of a lecture? If a coach is not talking to the swimmers, they are thinking, watching and analyzing.


Can I watch practice?


Yes. If you choose to watch our practice sessions, you may do so from the bleacher or from the covered patio area. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck close to the swimmers. Avoid the urge to talk, signal, wave to or admonish your child while he/she is at practice. If you notice a problem, talk to your swimmer's coach about it at a later time. 

Avoid timing your child during practice. Training intervals are something for the coach and the swimmer to discuss. If your swimmer has a poor workout, offer encouragement for them to swim better at the next practice.


Financial Policy

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the financial management of all activities. The Bookkeeper is authorized to act on the Board’s behalf on financial matters when action is required in advance of a meeting of the Board of Directors.

1. LSAC commits to providing accurate and complete financial data for internal and external use by the Head Coach and the Board of Directors.
2. Fees are billed on the 1st of each month.
3. Payment is due before the 20th of each month.
4. A $20 LATE FEE will be added to delinquent accounts on the 20th.
5. Credit Card info on file will be auto-billed on the 1st of each month, if Auto Pay is turned ON.
6. If you want to enter a swim meet, you must be active with the team, and your balance must be paid in full.
7. If you want to drop from the team, written notice must be provided by the 15th of the final active month.
8. Monthly fees will ** not be pro-rated ** due to swimmer absence or vacation.
9. If you want to take time off without paying your fees, that is considered dropping from the team. You may lose your position, and you will need  to inquire about space availability before returning.
10. All fees are non-refundable.
11. Payment can be made by check or by TeamUnify's credit card processor.

If you have questions about your account, contact our Board at: [email protected]