Championship Meet Goodie Bags

Adam Depmore



Nothing in this world is worth having unless you are willing to work for it. Competition is not just about the W’s or the L’s. Competition is about the process, the work, and the character that is revealed while handling the hardships.

Don’t get me wrong. I love winning. Nothing can replace thrill of victory after countless months/years of punishing and grueling training. I mean who doesn’t like being at the top? Yes, winning is wonderful but it’s not what keep me coaching. It’s the people and the process. 

It’s witnessing athletes visualize their races. It’s watching athletes laugh off a mistake because they know what to work on. It the process of watching a young athlete transform into an ominous force who refuses to get knocked down. Afterall, the lower you fall, the higher you bounce.

This is why I love Lone Star. This team is packed with outstanding leaders and die-hard warriors. We saw that this last weekend between For the City and the New Years Classic. Our athletes did not let up and now we are moving forward, full steam, into championship season.

Juniors, you have built a great future in this sport. There are technical details that need to be addressed, but you are all moving in the right direction. Keep bringing that good energy we are seeing at practice!

Seniors, many of you are either hitting or on the verge of achieving your first Championship cut. This is a huge milestone. Don't forget how you got here. It only gets harder.

Elite, you are in familiar territory. You know this routine. The younger athletes are looking up to you just as you did when you were their age. This is how a team works. My question to you is "How much more are you willing to step up?"


Our Championship meet committee is putting together goodie bags for our athletes attending our upcoming travel Championship meets. If you swimmer/s are qualified for any of the Championship meets (STX Champs, STAGS, Sectionals, etc.) and are planning on attending, then please declare that you are attending under the event section of our web site right away. 

As a reminder, these meets have qualifying times. We you go to sign-up the system will allow to pick the events you are qualified for.


If you would like to help-out with the actual goodie bags, please contact:


Jacquie – [email protected]


Maria – [email protected]


We have a separate committee working on awards for March Madness and Atomic Fest. These are home Championship meets and our swim committee is working hard to set-up races and awards for everyone. We will keep you posted.