The Road to Atomic Fest

Adam Depmore

I hope this email finds you all in high spirits and filled with pride, because that's exactly how I feel about each and every one of you right now. As your coach, I couldn't be more thrilled to witness the incredible victories and commendable resilience you've shown both in and out of the pool.


In the last few weeks we have had several high level swim meets that have placed our swimmers in high pressure situations. Your recent triumphs stand as testaments to your unwavering dedication, relentless hard work, and unyielding spirit. Each stroke, each dive, each turn, has been executed with precision and passion, reflecting the sheer determination that defines our team and our culture.


But beyond the medals and accolades, it's your resilience in the face of defeat that truly sets you apart. Not all swims have been spectacular. We have experienced several downfalls, but we continue to see swimmers bounce back. We all know that in the world of competitive swimming, setbacks are inevitable. Yet, it's how we respond to those setbacks that defines us as athletes and individuals. And let me tell you, your response has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Every time you've encountered a challenge, you've risen to the occasion with grace and courage. You've turned setbacks into opportunities for growth, setbacks into fuel for your fire, setbacks into stepping stones toward even greater achievements. Your ability to bounce back from defeat with even greater determination and resolve is a testament to your character and strength of spirit.


Remember, victories may bring joy and validation, but it's the challenges and defeats that truly shape us into the champions we aspire to be. And in that regard, you are all champions in every sense of the word.


As we continue to journey together, and forge the path to Atomic Fest, I want to encourage everyone to carry forward this spirit of resilience and determination. Let's continue to push each other to new heights, to support each other through every triumph and every setback, and to always remember that together, there's nothing we can't achieve.




I am immensely proud to be your coach, and I have no doubt that our best moments are still ahead of us. So let's dive in, embrace the challenges, and make every stroke count.