Storm Forecast for May 15th, 2024

Michael White

Saturday’s Total Team Practice

One of the highlights of our season is the Total Team Practice.  It allows our younger swimmers to find role models in the older swimmers, it forces our older swimmers to figure out how to break down and teach strokes, and it shows how something as small as an “attaboy” on the pool deck from a teenager to an 8-year-old will change that child’s trajectory. 


All that to say: we need everyone available for Saturday.  We need our oldest swimmers, we need our 11-14 swimmers, we need our 10&U swimmers.  The more we have, the bigger the impact.  I understand we’ve got some folks heading to prom, but with an approximate 10:15A finish, we ought to be able to fit into the schedule of most.

Burn Boot Camp

We’ve got right around a dozen participants signed up for our free day at Burn Boot Camp.  We’d still love to see a few more 12&U swimmers (and their parents too!)—sign up here.  Find info here.

Summer Session

Registration has opened for returning families for the summer session.  We’re setting an early goal of 110 swimmers for the summer.  It’s aggressive, but we think we’ve created a wonderful product that will appeal to all of our swimmers this summer: several brand new Thunderstorm joining, more dedicated time for our 11-14s, post-grad & Masters programing, we’ve got it all.  If you have questions about what you think is right for your swimmer, don’t hesitate to ask the lead coach for your swimmer’s group.

Email Coach White
Email Coach Lake
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Practice Changes

Note: With Piranhas gearing up and utilizing time at East, our schedule will get really wonky in the coming days.  Be sure to check your group’s calendar.  If you haven’t yet discovered that you can upload your group’s calendar into your own phone, go here and click your swimmer’s group to find the appropriate links.

Saturday, May 11th
No Practice

Saturday, May 18th
7:30-9:00A Senior/Performance at West
7:45-9:00A Typhoon at West
9:00-10:20A All Groups--Total Team Practice
11:00-11:45 Burn Boot Camp Free Day

Wednesday, May 22nd – Normal AM, No East PM Availability, All PM at SP West
5:10-6:05P Tropical Storm
5:15-6:05P Thunderstorm
6:05-7:10P Cyclone, Hurricane, Tsunami
7:10-8:30P Typhoon, Senior, Performance, PostGrad

Thursday, May 23rd  –No East PM Availability, Dryland Normal Schedule, All PM at SP West
5:00-6:00P Tropical Storm, Cyclone
6:00-7:10P Hurricane, Tsunami, Typhoon
7:10-8:30P Senior, Performance, PostGrad

Friday, May 24th  –Normal AM Schedule
No PM Practice, end of Spring Session
Saturday, May 25thth
No Practice
Monday, May 27th  
No Practice—Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 28th – Start of Summer Session
Condensed PM Schedule May 28th through Thursday, June 6th, all at SP West
5:15-6:10P Thunderstorm & Tropical Storm
5:15-6:25P Tsunami, Hurricane, & Cyclone
6:10-7:30P Typhoon
6:25-7:55P Senior, Performance, PostGrad


Meet/Event Signup



Deadline /


Burn Boot Camp Storm Trial
For: Anyone interested in trying out a new workout!



BAC Jack Pettinger Meet
For: Anyone with at least one state cut



STAR Spring Splash Meet
For: Anyone without a state cut



Six Flags, Anyone?

We’re going to celebrate the end of the school year with a day at Six Flags!  On Wednesday, June 12th, swimmers (whether active for summer or not), siblings, family, friends, and other teams are all invited to head to Six Flags to make friends and memories together.  Families should arrive at 2, and can stay for as long as they want.  Group tickets are available here.