Spring Practice Schedule

Monday 5:30-6:50A at SP West
Monday Dryland 4:20-5:20P at Train608
Monday 5:35-6:45P at SP West
Tuesday 6:20-7:35P at SP East
Wednesday 5:35-6:45P at SP West
Thursday 6:20-7:35P at SP East
Friday 6:05-7:10P at SP East

Saturday Per Newsletter

Summer Practice Schedule

Monday AM 7:45-9:00A at SP West
Monday PM 5:30-6:40P at SP East
Tuesday PM 5:30-6:40P at SP East
Wednesday AM 7:45-9:00A at SP East

Wednesday PM 5:30-6:40P at SP West
Thursday PM 5:30-6:40P at SP East
Friday AM 7:45-9:00A at SP West
Saturday Per Newsletter



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Novice 11-14

Lead Coach

Coach Radermacher

Equipment Needed

TYR Flexfin, TYR kickboard, water bottle, snorkel, tempo trainer, paddles, buoy, mesh bag for storage


  • Legally completing 50 yards of all four strokes (FR in under :50, BK in under :55, BR & FL in under 1:00)

Practice Details

~1:00 minutes per practice, offered 3-5 times per week plus dryland

*No minimum requirement*


  • No requirements during regular season meets
  • Rising Stars meets are strongly encouraged
  • 1 session minimum of the Rising Stars Championships or Regionals is strongly recommended

In-Water Focus

A Tsunami swimmer will focus on fundaments (underwater kicking, smooth turns, efficient strokes) while further developing their aerobic base and racing skills.  They'll be encouraged to get out of their comfort zones in both training and goal setting.

Other Notes

The goal of the Tsunami group is to inspire a desire to start setting and reaching swim-specific goals.