Volunteer Expectations at Home Meets

  • Each swimmer's family must volunteer to work one shift for each day your swimmer participates in a swim meet.
  • If you are not currently active on a Storm Committee or a Board Member, you may be required to work an additional shift, if needed.
  • If your family has more than one swimmer and/or swimmers in multiple sessions in a day, you will satisfy your volunteer requirement by working one session that day. If the team is short on volunteers, you may be asked to work an additional shift if you have multiple swimmers.
  • The volunteer requirement can be satisfied by you, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, or any individual who can effectively fulfill the volunteer position. However, if someone other than you is fulfilling your family’s volunteer requirement, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • You may sign up for a volunteer position as soon as the job signups are posted on our website. Most volunteer positions require very little training. If a volunteer is unsure of the position requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator when committing to the meet. The Volunteer Coordinator may modify volunteer position requests according to meet needs and skills availability.
  • All shift times are approximate at the time of sign-up. Final timelines will be provided prior to the meet.
  • You must sign up for a volunteer position by the deadline provided by the Volunteer Coordinators if you have a swimmer swimming in the meet. Failure to sign up by the deadline will result in a $25 fine. The Volunteer Coordinators will also place you in a position of their choice, which you will be required to fulfill. Failure to fulfill the assigned role will result in an additional $100 fee.
  • Unless excused by the Volunteer Coordinator, the volunteer shall remain during the entire session they are working, regardless of when the swimmer’s races are completed. Early departure is considered a “no show” and will be fined $100.
  • There may be meets, such as the Winter Classic or Regionals, where you may be required to volunteer in every session your swimmer swims. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify families if volunteering in every session your swimmer swims is necessary.
  • If your swimmer swims a session and you fail to satisfy the volunteer requirement, a $100 charge will be assessed for every session missed. The charge shall be paid before you can commit your swimmer to attend another meet.

This policy is in effect for every meet sponsored by our team.

Volunteer Expectations for Social Events and Fundraisers

  • All families are required to volunteer for at least one social event or fundraiser. These opportunities include events such as the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry, Share Nights, Mile Day, or any other event requiring volunteers.
  • Failure to meet this requirement may result in a fine of $75.