Spring Practice Schedule

Monday 6:45-8:10P at SP West
Tuesday 5:30-6:50A at SP West

Tuesday Dryland 4:200-5:200P at Train608
Tuesday 5:35-7:05P at SP West
Wednesday 6:45-8:10P at SP West

Thursday Dryland 4:20-5:20P at Train608
Thursday 5:35-7:05P at SP West
Friday 5:30-6:50A at SP West
Friday 5:15-6:45P at SP West

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Summer Practice Schedule

Monday AM 6:00-7:30A at SP West
Monday PM 5:30-7:00P at SP West
Tuesday AM 6:00-7:30A at SP West
Tuesday PM 5:30-7:00P at SP West

Wednesday AM 6:00-7:30A at SP East
Thursday AM 6:00-7:30A at SP West
Thursday PM 5:30-7:00P at SP West
Friday AM 6:00-7:30A at SP West

Saturday Per Newsletter



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Advanced 13-14 / Emerging 15-18

Lead Coach

Coach Lake

Equipment Needed

TYR Hydroblade Fin, TYR kickboard, water bottle, snorkel, tempo trainer, paddles, buoy, mesh bag for storage


13-14 Prerequisites

  • USA "A" cut in multiple strokes preferred
  • Coach Approval

15-18 Prerequisites

  • 100 yards of legal freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Coach Approval

Practice Details

~1:20 minutes per practice, offered 5-7 times per week plus dryland

*No minimum requirement*

Recommended: at least 4 in-water practices plus one dryland


  • No requirements

Training Trips and Travel Meets

  • Highly recommended; may be subject to minimum requirements

In-Water Focus

The senior group will have a season plan in which they train in a variety of ways: 

  • technique/drill sets
  • aerobic work
  • anaerobic work
  • days of each stroke

Other Notes

Senior group will continue to provide training that allows each swimmer to determine their level of commitment and attendance while providing a space for them to succeed.

Starting with the swimmer's freshman year, the coaching staff will provide guidance on how to prepare for swimming after high school provided the swimmer is interested in pursuing college swimming.

Stay Connected

A Senior "Stay Connected" group will be offered in the fall, winter, and spring sessions (summer is excluded from this offering).  Swimmers in the Stay Connected group may participate in up to 1 in-water practice per week and unlimited dryland sessions per week as part of this offering, which is at a reduced rate from the typical Senior fees.