Modern Martial Arts School in Broomfield 


At some modern martial arts schools, if you sign up for group instruction, then individual instruction costs more. 8 Hands Martial Arts Center for Interdisciplinary Martial Arts is different. We believe one on one training is essential to acquiring the knowledge that true Martial Arts is built upon and guarantee that all of our students receive individual instruction throughout their training without additional charges. Call today in Bloomfield, CO to learn more!

Other benefits

What else sets 8 Hands Martial Arts apart from the majority of other schools?

  • The most flexible training schedule you can have, including at home/work training
  • Senior, Adult, Junior, Kid, and Little Kids' Group Classes
  • An aesthetically designed facility that is also functional, clean, and safe
  • Character enhancing and confidence building environment
  • Communication training and thought exploration
  • Not commercialized or overpriced, no hidden costs
  • Contracts not necessary
  • Discounted programs available
  • Not a trophy-focused or competition based school
  • Students are encouraged to challenge themselves personally and become goal-oriented
  • "New Age" approach to a traditional art form

We teach the way you learn 

At 8 Hands Martial Arts IMA Center, our individual classes are designed to address the specific learning styles of each student, while our partner classes can focus on the application and adaptation to another individual. 

While we emphasize technique, execution, form, and precision of movement during personal training, we gear our group classes towards reaction, mental flexibility and speed, to enhance situational awareness and ability. The group class then becomes suitable for all abilities leaving every person challenged and successful. It's not uncommon for our beginning students develop a quality of execution within the first 4-6 months here that is superior to that of a student who has trained for 2-3 years in other group based instruction.

Try us for FREE

This newly established martial arts school offers a rich history, experienced and passionate instructors, and a positive environment to foster the most rewarding and unique training experience you will ever find. Want to check us out without cost or obligation? Contact 8 Hands Martial Arts IMA Center to get your FREE week and see for yourself why we are the newest and only martial arts school of its kind. To see what other people are saying about 8 Hands Martial Arts Center for Interdisciplinary Martial Arts (IMA) Instruction, check out our testimonials page. Enrolling has many benefits and programs just for you, so call today!