Massage Therapy in Broomfield

If Western medicine has failed to address your particular health concerns, perhaps it's time you looked in a new direction. At 8 Hands Martial Arts Center for Interdisciplinary Martial Arts (IMA), Eastern/alternative healing techniques can compliment your martial arts instruction, or be a focal point of your overall health regimen even if you don't take part in our classes. Call or visit our school in Broomfield, CO today.


Massage therapy has proven beneficial for a plethora of issues, from garden-variety anxiety to digestive disorders and fibromyalgia. Besides that, it feels good, and is surprisingly cost-effective. Call 8 Hands Martial Arts IMA Center now! 


Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 2,000 years. That alone should speak volumes about its effectiveness at restoring the balance of energy in the human body to treat a wide variety of conditions. As for the needles, you won't even feel them. Call us and put that to the test.

Psychic Readings 

Are your best efforts to succeed in life, love or work tripped up at every turn? Unseen forces might be hampering your progress. Find out what these are, and rid them from your life with a psychic reading at 8 Hands IMA Center. Call today for an appointment. 

Healing Touch/Reiki

What if we told you that the power to heal and revitalize your body and mind is within you? A trained practitioner of the ancient art of reiki can bring that power back online, and you back to your old self. Call 8 Hands IMA Center today.

Far Infrared Sauna

Sweating is the body's way of eliminating toxins and getting electrolytes back in balance. A far infrared sauna treatment not only offers this benefit, but can help you sleep better, improve the health of your skin, and can even promote weight loss. Call 8 Hands IMA Center to try it out.

Crystal Therapy

The properties of crystals as energy conductors are scientific fact. These same properties can be used for the good of human health and well-being through crystal therapy. Call 8 Hands IMA Center to make an appointment with a certified crystal therapist.