Adults and Seniors!

Regardless of your fitness level, your age, or your schedule we will have something for you!

As an adult we believe we know what we want, for some this is true, for others its still being explored. Here at 8 Hands Martial arts we sit down with every student and find where the path can be built and journeyed. From health and fitness to self-control and awareness, we offer plenty of benefits to suit each individual. When it comes to training, learning, and growing, there is so much that can be said, but nothing says it better than “there are no limits to what you can achieve” regardless of age or ability. Where ever you start, novice or experienced, in shape or in need of fitness, we will help you start, build momentum, and take off towards your dreams.

The environment is like family. Everyone works together to build everybody’s abilities up and to challenge everyone’s development. The positive environment helps everyone focus on their own path without need for competition or fear of retaliation. Everyone has their own personal goals and yet shares in the goal of becoming a better martial artist/person. This mutual goal is center to the spirit of the family and allows for common ground in training. Everyone is welcomed and treated how they want to be treated.

 Safety is paramount! With our changing world and more people living life fuller, we want to   support longevity. Unlike most schools that focus on belts, tournaments, and being top-dog,   we focus on health and wellness, skill development, and patience. We want to support the   busy career person, the car-pooling parent, the retired senior, and the child with everything in   front of them, who all depend on being able to sustain their well-being to do what they want   every day. Whether due to work, disability, or even other sports and recreation activities, all classes allow for   modification to enhance or reduce the activity level for all skill levels. Come and experience what 8 hands can provide   for you.