Time to PARTY!

Your Ninja Party is full of Martial Arts packed fun!

List of Activities:

  • Hitting Pads

  • Ninja Dodgeball

  • Crab Soccer

  • Relay Races

  • Ninja Sticky Star Throwing

  • Sensei Says

  • Duck, Duck, Ninja

  • Samurai Days (Noodle Swords)

  • Battle Ninja (Freeze tag)

  • Obstacle Course

  • Cake Cutting Ninja Style

  • Monk Warrior Class

  • Rubber Nunchucku Class

  • and more!

Gift Bags

The Birthday child gets to show his/her appreciation for friends attending. Every guest gets a gift bag that is filled with super fun items… puzzles, pencils and erasers, toys, pictures, headbands, wristbands, water bottles, and more. Bags range from 5-15 items per bag and are age appropriate.

These are the party favors that everyone gets, including a 1-2 week complementary pass to try out classes! Great for the kids and adults who wish to learn more on what they discovered during some of the activity classes during the birthday party!

Set Up!

Your birthday party will be exciting, memorable, organized, and professional. Best part is we do all the set up and tear down, just come and have fun!

Birthday party packages start as little as $250.

  • guests up to 15

  • gift favor bags (5-15 items**)

  • 90mins-2hrs (age dependent)

  • pick 4 games/classes

  • decorated facility

  • decorated facility provided (you can decorate if you wish)

  • paper ware, utensils, and napkins (themed)

  • game supplies

  • guest gift certificates

Birthday parties can be for Adults or for kids, teens, and mixed ages! Let us know the age groups, we will help you design the perfect warrior package!

Customized birthday party packages:

  • 16+ people ($5-10 each additional for gift bag supplies)

  • 2.5-5hrs

  • ** # gift items vary based on items selected (full gift bag of 15 items $50 additional)

  • Ninja Lazer Tag activity (5-15 people additional $100)

  • Birthday party guest invitations ($25.00)

  • Catering options available: Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Shop-ala-carte!

  • Sensei made birthday party cake ($25-50 depending on size, gluten free available)

Let’s do it Ninja Style, Sign them up!

Call to reserve your spot and register over the phone: 303.410.8000.

Payment secures reservation and with at least 2 weeks notice, will ensure guest party bags and gifts!

Our Ninja Birthday Parties high energy action-packed excitement for the whole family! Starting at 2 hours and up to 5hrs (age and package dependent). Our instructors are professional, encouraging and safety trained to handle the roughest crowd, great with kids and adults. The only thing you need to bring is the cake (unless you wish for it to be special made and provided by us)!

Our standard party days and times are Saturdays starting at 2:00 (closing at 9pm) and Sundays at starting at 11 (closing by 6pm). If you’d like to request a custom time or a different special party (Anniversary, Graduations, summer camps, boot camps) please call 253-335-2556, and the owner will set up staffing.

Breaking a Real Board – Safety

Every student will be set up for success (the birthday child will have broken their first board prior to the class to ensure repeat success).

And before you take home the pieces, every child gets their board signed by the instructor, and the birthday child’s is signed by all attendees!

The Birthday child gets to help them and all their friends by taking a class on how to break a real board! We use pine board. Not treated, cut properly, no baking (makes it brittle and easy to break), and set up with proper safety instruction.