Partner Classes

Practice What You Learn

After learning material and concept unique to your understanding you or your child can then pair up with other students ready to work on the same information. Here students can address the application of what they learned and put it into practice. Every student has an opportunity to ask questions and get answers that help both partners gain clearer perspective on their material.

Many students, adults and children, make new friends and develop stronger relationships built on mutual trust and respect. One of the top benefits of partner training that it is a transition between individual and group training.

Individual thought is of self. Group thought is of everyone else. Partner involves both internal and external awareness. It fosters trust, respect, and communication. These principles are key to long-lasting relationships.

Experience Is Key

Students who can see the possibilities and actually experience a setting where these principles work can have the tools to assess where and how the problems exist in their everyday lives. Awareness helps them to improve situations.

Physically, Partner Training provides every student with hands-on understanding. How to gauge distance and time of an attack. They learn how to absorb an impact or how to safely fall. They test their limits in flexibility, accuracy, and conditioning. They learn the true nature of contact. This is essential for all ages and abilities. People can clearly define their personal space and comfort, and know when and when not to allow someone to breach it. They will know how to defend and protect themselves, preventing uncomfortable situations. They will be encouraged and pushed to use their voice and communicate their thoughts.   Enroll Now and Save!