Little Dragons

Little Dragons group is designed for those kids who are ready to build coordination physically and mentally. With lots of diversity mixed with structure, they will learn to adapt and overcome any changes to their environment while finding security within familiar. Learning is directed more towards developing skills necessary to balance school, home, and outside activities, which in respects to self-defense is essential to maintaining tenacity, focus, and spirit in challenging times. This prepares them for the coming age of being a teenager where hormones can affect motivation and self-esteem.

With a safe, positive, and disciplined environment they develop the ability to use their voice in seeking answers and solutions. With the ability to take charge of the world around them by becoming independent, they prepare themselves for taking on responsibility through awareness, accountability, and self-directing action.

Confidence is most beneficial when coupled with humility! Our studio environment is positive, encouraging, and firm in self-awareness, providing your child a place to learn about themselves and how to overcome weaknesses, insecurity, and doubt. The interactions with the instructors and with other peers help to reinforce a “sense of self while looking in the mirror”. Every child learns to appreciate the mistakes, challenges, and trials they face, taking them to be the required steps for success and self-development. It is wonderful seeing a student laugh at a mistake and embrace the joy that comes with overcoming it.

Discipline is following directions, anticipating requirements, and being aware of the necessary steps to take ahead of time to accomplish individual goals. This is more than habit forming actions, it is mind-full action that prepares your child for any future that is set in front of them. We help to create self-discipline in every student “to ensure self-accountability and personal desire” supported by appreciating what the action provides in and of itself.

Personal development goes beyond the individual and includes one’s social interactions. We provide a tri-fecta system geared towards teaching all students how to manage outside and inside influences. The one-on-one training gives students every bit of necessary time to gain clarity and understanding of lessons taught. Their partner training teaches them to engage others through cooperation and mutual respect. Our group classes develop a sense of place for the self within the “bigger picture”, teaching them how to be a part of some bigger then themselves. This system will enable your child to prepare for early adulthood.

Earning Belts

8 Hands’ students actually earn every belt by demonstrating more than just showing material taught. They are taught to focus on learning and growing rather than the belt. Considering the average time between ranks is 9-15 months, most forget about the rank and focus on the personal achievements of refinement, technique, personal growth, and overall development. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear a students say “I want to get this form down, I know this can be improved”.