Please keep in mind that when joining the school, time is provided to learn and to remember these codes of conduct as well as the many unwritten ones. We do not penalize our students for forgetting these rules, but encourage them change the behavior as they integrate into the school. The underlined ones will be expected to be observed within the first month of training.

Please remove street shoes before entering the training area.

Show respect by bowing before entering and leaving the training rooms.

Food, gum, or beverage is not allowed in the training areas.

Jewelery should be removed prior to training.

Proper uniform, seasonal or event, are required for all training sessions and examinations, unless instructed otherwise by your teacher.

Black uniforms may be worn at intermediate level, colored uniforms may be worn at advanced levels.

Instructors only are allowed mixed uniforms.

When removing or putting on your belt, or when a Black belt puts on or removes their belt, please show respect by kneeling.

Silence is required during meditation, and those in the training rooms shall kneel and meditate when a session is meditating.

Although training is open to all students at any hour except double room group sessions, we ask that you practice your focused on yourself, please do not watch or disturb other students.

Only instructors or students given permission may teach other students material, please leave teaching to those qualified to do so.

Do not practice contact training without the supervision of a teacher.

Please do not use contact equipment during student sessions without permission from the session’s instructor.

Please use hallway or pass behind class to walk through so as to not disturb other student’s training.

Required safety equipment shall be worn at all times during sparring.

Always exchange fellow respect before engaging another student for practice.

Please show respect at all times by referring to your teacher as “sir”, “ma’am”, or “teacher” and other instructors as “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Ms.” and their last name, depending on your background “sensei, sifu, or simu” is acceptable.

Please do not inquire about your or your child’s next test rank, as this will be viewed as having impatience and lack of humility for both the adult and possibly the child.

(usually takes 1-2 years for first rank test)